Guarda Wallet Introduces New Referral Program

Guarda Wallet Introduces New Referral Program

By Christopher Duggan - min read

Guarda wallet, a non-custodial multi-platform blockchain wallet, recently introduced its new referral program. The rewards are paid monthly for the first three operations of the invited user. 0.5% of the referral's exchange amount is rewarded to the referring user. Buy and swap operations count towards this total. The maximum reward is equal to $5 in GRD tokens per referral operation.

While many crypto projects offer bonuses or discounts for referral activities, Guarda Wallet pays tokens. Countable operations are cryptocurrency purchases and exchanges. The number of total referees is unlimited. 

GRD tokens can be used for:

  • Managing EOS accounts. An account can be created with a discount and staking may be started even if there isn’t enough EOS.

  • Illegal activity check. There’s an option to accept only trusted transactions and check addresses for illegal activity. An additional package of transaction checks is available for purchase with the GRD token.

  • Creating human-readable addresses. It’s possible to link addresses to a human-readable form to make incoming/outcoming transactions easier to understand.

“Last few months we’ve received a lot of user inquiries regarding referral bonuses. Here’s why we developed the referral program. It will help our loyal Guardians get tokens for telling their friends about our marvellous non-custodial wallet. Tokens then can be swapped or used for extra services provided by Guarda Wallet”, team Guarda team said.

Guarda Wallet is a multifunctional open-source cryptocurrency wallet that supports most of the cryptocurrencies on the market. It’s a universal wallet that helps store various cryptocurrencies in one place; the most prominent coins, as well as thousands of tokens and a large number of stablecoins. The wallet also helps easily buy and exchange crypto, so it can serve as a single source for al your cryptocurrency needs.