Here Is Why You Should Not Be Late Buying Metacade (MCADE) In the Current Bear Market

Here Is Why You Should Not Be Late Buying Metacade (MCADE) In the Current Bear Market

By Alice Davies - min read

The current bear market has seen some major price drops for some strong crypto projects. However, Metacade (MCADE) has been extremely bullish in spite of recent price action, attracting over $1.65 million in funding during the first phase of its presale.

Investors have a limited time to get involved in the MCADE presale, which is expected to be one of the most high-potential investment opportunities that can be found anywhere during the current bear market.

Metacade is, without a doubt, the best investment opportunity during the bear market

The current bear market has seen most altcoins dip 90%. The dip has affected major projects such as Polkadot (92%), Decentraland (94%), and Axie Infinity (97%), as falling prices cause low sentiment and a continued cascade downwards.

However, these moments can be full of high-potential opportunities. Investors who can pinpoint market lows will benefit from the highest rates of return when the market trend reverses, so many are looking out for the best crypto projects while prices are still low.

One crypto project that looks set to make some major gains after the current bear market is Metacade. The MCADE token presale has been extremely popular so far as investors remain bullish on the long-term potential of the project. While it’s still brand new, the MCADE presale is a prime investment opportunity for a number of reasons.

The price of MCADE will rise from $0.008 to $0.02 over the course of the presale before the token is launched on decentralized exchanges (DEX). Metacade is a new GameFi platform with strong fundamental characteristics. The project could become one of the top platforms of its kind, and investors can get involved early during the current bear market.

Can MCADE reach $1 in 2023?

Metacade is a comprehensive crypto gaming platform that can attract a significant number of users over time. It will be the first community-driven arcade built using blockchain technology and offer a variety of different methods for earning crypto through advanced play-to-earn (P2E) mechanics.

As the platform continues its development during 2023, price action for MCADE is expected to reflect the project’s growing value. Experts are predicting explosive gains, which could push MCADE up significantly from its $0.02 level at the end of the presale.

MCADE could reach anywhere between $0.50 and $1 – a 30-50x increase – as the crypto token will enter price discovery after its IDO. With strong fundamentals and many attractive features, Metacade could be one of the highest gainers in crypto during 2023. 

What is Metacade?

Built on Ethereum, Metacade will be the biggest arcade that can by found on any blockchain network. The project aims to become a central hub for all GameFi and Web3 users, offering some exciting features alongside many different P2E games.

The arcade games being offered by Metacade provide blockchain gamers with brand new challenges. Each title will have endless levels, as Metacade brings some classic games to the blockchain to offer an improved user experience.

Blockchain-based games have a distinct advantage over legacy game studios. The technology enables integrated earning potential, which is a major draw for gamers from all over the world. As a result, GameFi has the potential to alter the entire gaming industry over the coming years, and Metacade could turn out to be a leading figure in this revolution.

How does it work?

Metacade is entirely driven by its community. In addition to its P2E gaming experience, the platform will provide a central location to discover valuable GameFi alpha. This can include trending topics, game reviews, and the latest tips for different blockchain games.

Users are rewarded with crypto for contributing to the Metacade community, as the platform offers many methods for earning a crypto income. Another example is P2E tournaments, where skilled arcade gamers can go head-to-head for the chance to win prize pools paid in MCADE.

Metacade will also provide a platform for Web3 enthusiasts to kickstart a career in the space. Game developers will advertise beta testing roles, where Metacade gamers can access new titles during the development phase. Beta testers will be paid to play, provide feedback, and help to optimize these new titles before they are officially launched.

Metacade: A true game-changer

Metacade aims to support growth for the entire GameFi sector. Not only will the beta testing feature help to ensure that new games are bug-free and completely secure at launch, but Metacade will also provide financial support to early-stage GameFi projects.

The Metagrants program will enable gamers to vote for the best up-and-coming games that are being built on the blockchain. The winning projects will receive a financial backing from the Metacade community, who will be helping to ensure that the most in-demand titles can launch successfully.

Is MCADE worth buying during the current bear market?

Metacade has extremely high potential for the future. The project could rival Decentraland and Axie Infinity as one of the top GameFi projects, which means that its presale event is a major investment opportunity during the current bear market.

Investors are running out of time before the price rises from its current level of $0.01, as the presale will incrementally increase the value of MCADE from $0.008 to $0.02. MCADE is certainly a strong addition to the portfolio, with experts predicting explosive price action during 2023 and beyond.

You can participate in the MCADE presale here.