High Street metaverse: Why you should consider buying

High Street metaverse: Why you should consider buying

By Motiur Rahman - min read

Virtual reality is going to transform human interaction over the coming years. All the biggest tech companies out there are investing in the metaverse, and the future looks quite bright. But there are some projects that already have so much potential, and High Street is one of them. Here is why:

  • The project has been growing fast with an oversold IHO

  • High Street has also reported massive social media engagement in recent weeks

  • The platform is creating a retailed-focused metaverse that could offer incredible utility

Data Source: TradingView

Why you should buy High Street

There are many metaverse projects right now, and each claim to offer something different from the other. But there is just something about High Street that appears very promising. First, the projects want to create a highly integrated metaverse. Think of it as a city in virtual reality.

So far, the plan is to build homes, retail spaces, and other virtual amenities. The buy-in for the project has also been quite impressive. In fact, the Initial Home Offering or IHO for High Street Solarium homes was oversubscribed. Over $9 million was spent on these homes. This shows you that many people are getting into this.

Also, we are talking about a very small project so far. HIGH, its native token, has a market cap of $15 million. Keep in mind that nearly half of all the goals in its roadmap are still not yet achieved. This opens up the project to massive growth potential.

What is High Street’s future?

In essence, High Street wants to be a virtual city. There will be additional gaming and social elements included in the future but at the center of this project is the idea of bringing retail to the metaverse.

So far, there are very few other projects doing this with the success that High Street is seeing. It is a project truly worth looking at.