Hong Kong regulator warns crypto exchanges, Shiba Memu marches on

Hong Kong regulator warns crypto exchanges, Shiba Memu marches on

By Benson Toti - min read
  • Hong Kong regulator the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) published the warning on August 7.
  • Crypto exchanges yet to apply for licences but have gone ahead to publicise the same.
  • Shiba Memu presale gathers speed with over $1.6 collected from early investors.

Crypto exchanges looking to acquire virtual assets trading licences in Hong Kong have been warned that offering certain services and products are not allowed. 

Meanwhile, one major crypto news headline today has been around Huobi, a crypto exchange looking to set up shop in Hong Kong. The exchange as well as Tron founder Justin Sun have termed insolvency rumours as more FUD.

Quietly gaining fresh momentum despite these developments is the Shiba Memu presale. As seen on the new meme coin’s website, investors eyeing new gems linked to artificial intelligence have poured nearly $1.64 million into the native SHMU token.

Hong Kong’s warning to unlicensed exchanges

The Securities and Futures Commission, Hong Kong’s securities regulator, today released a statement warning that some cryptocurrency exchanges are offering products for which they have no approval or license.

According to the agency, this translates to “improper practices,” by unlicensed virtual asset trading platforms (VATPs).  Per the SFC, some unlicensed exchanges have falsely claimed to have applied for licenses from the regulator when they have taken no such step.

These untrue and misleading claims give the public a false sense of assurance that the VATP is in compliance with the SFC’s regulatory requirements,” the statement read.

Such claims amount to “fraudulent or reckless misrepresentation” aimed at inducing traders, the SFC warned and have likely been tailored to exploit the transitional arrangements in place as Hong Kong bring into effect new crypto rules relating to retail investors.

Some unlicensed VATPs set up new entities to provide virtual asset services in Hong Kong. They also publicly announced their intention to apply for licences for these new entities. However, the services and products offered by some of these new entities may not be in compliance with the legal and regulatory requirements under the new regime,”

The SFC’s warning also involved the launch of new products and services, including crypto derivatives and earn accounts – these are not allowed as per the new regulatory framework.

Shiba Memu’s AI-powered token like no other in meme coin-sphere

Shiba Memu is a revolutionary meme token currently in the development phase. When it finally launches, it will boast of a self-sufficient marketing system powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

AI and blockchain technology combine to give this token a unique pull compared to other meme coins. Unlike other meme coin projects, Shiba Memu is designed no to rely on human efforts for traction. Rather, Shiba Memu looks to deploy an AI dashboard that will drive the marketing strategies of the SHMU ecosystem.

For this doge-inspired meme coin, AI promises to be the secret ingredient at the heart of its marketing genius. 

Natural language processing, personalization and AI-powered image and video recognition technology are all integrated to give Shiba Memu the edge over competing tokens, including the likes of Dogecoin, Shiba Inu and Pepe.

Can Shiba Memu be a good long term investment?

Part of the expected success will come from the AI dashboard’s capability to engage with ecosystem users directly. The AI robot dashboard, per the Shiba Memu whitepaper, will gather all there’s in terms of industry news, hype and developments to bring more people to SHMU.

Users on the other hand will have an opportunity provide feedback or give suggestions aimed at creating more traction for SHMU, and in return receive rewards in the native token.

If the project delivers on its AI dashboard, it could potentially slalom towards the top of the meme coin charts. Long-term investors currently participating in its presale could thus be in position for significant returns.

Note that SHMU price increases every 24 hours while the presale is expected to run for just eight weeks – more than half of which is gone.

Learn more about Shiba Memu on the project’s website, or buy SHMU here.