HOQU: The Future of Digital Marketing

HOQU: The Future of Digital Marketing

By Oliver Carding - min read
Updated 25 May 2020

Rapid technological developments are changing our lives in many ways, and commerce is no exception. More and more businesses are moving online, and as a result, the digital marketing industry is growing fast—by approximately 20% annually.

By 2020, internet marketing is expected to be a 335-billion-dollar industry. One of the major branches of internet marketing is affiliate marketing. In affiliate marketing, an affiliate works to promote a product and is paid according to the result of their campaign, in terms of sales or some other metric.

Affiliate marketing traditionally requires the assistance of a broker—an individual or organization who acts as a third party and determines the effectiveness of the campaign. Unfortunately, the brokerage model lends itself easily to fraud. Merchants frequently lose up to 45% of their advertising budgets to untrustworthy brokers.

Luckily, there’s a solution. The team behind HOQU has developed a platform that uses smart contracts to connect merchants and affiliates directly. The need for a third party—the broker—has been eliminated.

HOQU is more than just a platform—it’s an ecosystem, designed to enable the launch of decentralized, blockchain-based marketing platforms. In doing so, it cuts costs, heightens transparency, and boosts productivity in digital marketing.

The team at HOQU is proud to announce the official launch of their website: https://www.hoqu.io/

The token presale starts soon—October 30th. The token sale starts November 27th. Here’s some information you’ll need to get ready for it. 

HOQU: An overview 

HOQU is set to usher in the next generation of advertising as the internet’s first decentralized platform for online affiliate marketing. Using smart contracts and blockchain technology, HOQU’s platform ensures advertising budget cost-effectiveness and guarantees fair pay to hard-working affiliates.

Overall, the platform benefits a lot of people in a lot of ways:


The guys at HOQU understand that merchants want the most bang for their buck. Unfortunately, in the traditional way of doing things, only a little more than half (55%) of a merchant’s marketing budget is used for its designated purpose—that’s a significant waste of money for your business. By eliminating the middleman, HOQU grants merchants a more efficient marketing model, saving them money.

HOQU also understands that merchants need to be able to trust the affiliates and affiliate networks they work with. With blockchain technology, fraud becomes next to impossible. The decentralized nature of the platform also means that one compromised machine does not impact the security of the rest of the network.

Merchants can access all the data from a multitude of networks from their user accounts. This makes it easy for merchants to work with many different affiliates, increasing their freedom to market in whichever way they see fit.


Affiliates work hard, and their hard work should be adequately rewarded. If you’re an affiliate, you don’t have time for delayed payouts or to always be wary of opaque deals on conventional marketing platforms. HOQU provides protection through its transparent smart contracts, designed to bring forth the fairest deal for both you and the merchant.

Using its own cryptocurrency also means that HOQU can guarantee instant payouts whenever you want them.

Affiliate networks

One of the major obstacles affiliate networks face is the high costs associated with using marketing platforms. And that’s only if they can earn the privilege of paying the high fees in the first place by overcoming conventional platforms’ sky-high entry barriers.  HOQU, conversely, is free of charge for affiliate networks, and joining is easy.

The HOQU Business Model: Worldwide Integration and Low Fees

Integration into marketing platforms

HOQU runs a groundbreaking decentralized web application on the hoqu.io servers. HOQU is also built to be integrated into marketing platforms everywhere in the world.

The HOQU team is preparing to release a software development kit, making it easy for third-party marketing applications to be built or altered for integration into the HOQU ecosystem.

Low commissions

Traditional CPA networks operate on a 15 to 25% commission. HOQU operates on an 0.5% transaction fee. This is only possible because of blockchain tech. 

The HOQU Project

Marketing Campaign Launch:

The HOQU team is in the process of initiating a major marketing campaign. They have launched their official website (https://HOQU.io) and have opened channels of communication with the community on the Bitcointalk forum, Reddit, and Medium. On Bitcointalk, a bounty campaign is underway.

Join in on the token sale!

35,000,000 HQx tokens will be available during the pre-sale and 520,000,000 during the token sale.

The pre-sale starts October 30th and ends on November 20th.

Price: 1 ETH = 7,000 HQx

Minimum Purchase: 50 ETH

40% early bird bonus

The token sale starts November 27th and ends one month later on December 26th

Price: 1 HQx = 0,0002 ETH or 1 ETH = 5000HQx

You can learn more about the project at https://www.hoqu.io