Investoo Group acquires leading Crypto website CoinJournal

Investoo Group acquires leading Crypto website CoinJournal

By Hanut Singh - min read
Updated 25 May 2022

06 April 2020

Investoo Group has acquired, a leading news and reviews site in the cryptocurrency niche. 

The site, founded in 2014, bolsters The Group’s existing portfolio of crypto sites, adding a high-authority news outlet to its operations. CoinJournal will be translated into several languages but is a particularly strong brand in the English-speaking world.

CoinJournal will publish guides, reviews, analysis, and reports, as well as breaking news and up-to-date market data. This output aligns strongly with Investoo’s mission to educate and inform retail investors about cryptocurrency.

Investoo Group CEO, David Merry, had this to say about the acquisition:

“We could not be happier to announce the arrival of CoinJournal to our portfolio. CoinJournal is a leading name in the crypto space and has carved out a strong reputation as a news provider, and we plan to build on this and expand the reach of the site. 

This will give our audiences an even better experience while allowing us to strengthen our grip on the cryptocurrency affiliate market.”

CoinJournal has seen contributions from various distinguished writers from throughout the crypto industry since its inception, and is a go-to news outlet for public figures, with interviews with CEOs and other top-level players commonplace. 

Investoo’s proven expertise in the affiliate industry will be employed in order to grow the site with new content, an expanded news operation, and a re-design of the site on the cards. A team of in-house writers will also be brought in to increase consistency and challenge other major players in the crypto news sector.

CoinJournal represents the latest in a string of acquisitions by Investoo Group, making clear The Group’s intention of taking over an ever-growing stake in the retail investment market.

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