Is It Time to Cosy Up To Karen – Where to buy KarenCoin

Is It Time to Cosy Up To Karen – Where to buy KarenCoin

By Benson Toti - min read

KarenCoin is up 478% in the past 24 hours on a surge in interest.

KarenCoin, which refers to the Karen meme, refers to a stereotypical, middle-aged woman who “demands to speak to the manager.” Following in the same comical vein as Dogecoin, KarenCoin was originally conceived as a mock currency, but now has caught the attention of serious investors, and is beginning to grow in value. Website LiveCoinWatch shows that KarenCoin’s US dollar value has grown by more than 480% in the past 24 hours, and is now trading at $0.0000000473.

How & where to buy Karen Coin

As a new cryptocurrency, many people will have trouble finding reputable platforms where they can trade in this coin. We’ve gone to the trouble of finding them for you 🙂

1. CoinKong

Coin Kong connects customers to the most premium brokers available in their countries, and automatically lists those offering the lowest commission deals. As well as ETH, it offers hundreds of altcoins and newer ICOs. Please note that this platform is only available to non-US customers.

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What exactly is Karen Coin?

Karen Coin’s website describes itself as “one of the fastest scaling cryptocurrencies” with the objective of turning one of the most famous memes into “one of the cleanest, most transparent, community-based cryptocurrencies in history.”

The original supply of Karen Coin is 1,000,000,000,000,000 (50% initial burn) while all transactions are subject to an 8% tax. Half of the fee is distributed to shareholders and the other half is added to the liquidity pool. The liquidity pool is permanently locked and can not be accessed by anyone.

Should I jump into KarenCoin now?

The current market cap of Karen Coin is around $47 million and each Karen Coin (KAREN/BNB) trades at $0.0000000473. This super low price will make it instantly attractive to new investors keen to get into cryptocurrencies, but dissuaded by the volatility of larger coins like BitCoin and Ethereum.

On the other hand, the intention behind KarenCoin is not a serious one, so there can be no guarantees of its future success, much like DogeCoin.

But this was the exact same logic applied to Dogecoin when it was trading at thousandths of a cent. There are certainly investors that got into Karen Coin early who could now be enjoying returns of around 300%.