Keisuke Honda launches own crypto

Keisuke Honda launches own crypto

By Benson Toti - min read

Another member of the global soccer community jumps onto the crypto bandwagon

Keisuke Honda, the world famous Japanese football star, has announced that he is currently developing his own cryptocurrency. It will be called the KSK Honda Coin, and will be issued through a blockchain platform for video streaming and game applications called

The new coin will allow the fans of Honda to interact with the high profile football celebrity. The owners of the KSK Honda Coin will be able to receive exclusive content from Honda and interact with the player through private channels located on Discord.

“We have decided to create a social token to establish new connections with our most loyal fans”. Honda explained in a statement. He also stated that the new token gives him the opportunity to connect with his fans in a more open manner, and provide complete transparency with fans when it comes to knowing who is holding the token.

“Most of this project hasn’t been decided yet, but I’d like to make one promise. The money from this project will be used for positive impacts and will provide 100% transparency to token holders about where the funds from the project are spent”, he added.

Crypto coins have become a popular way for stars of the sports world to connect to their fans. Zenit St Petersburg, a top soccer club in Russia’s Premier League, signed onto the blockchain-based gaming platform Sorare so that they could issue collectable and tradeable digital cards earlier this month. In September of this year, the Italian professional sports club SS Lazio signed a multiyear deal with the crypto trading platform Stormgain, which allowed their fans to explore new engagement options through the use of cryptocurrency.

This trend between the sports industry and cryptocurrency has been going on for several years. Last year, the famous Philippine boxer Manny Pacquiao released his own cryptocurrency, called the Pac. In 2018, the former Manchester United and Real Madrid striker Manuel Owen also set up a cryptocurrency startup in his name.

Sports clubs are also catching on to the use of cryptocurrencies. In Turkey, Galatasaray and Trabzonspor launched tokens of their own in collaboration with Socios.

Keisuke Honda is a former Japan midfielder and currently a captain of the Brazilian professional league team Botafogo. He is an active member of the cryptocurrency community and recently issued tokens for professional soccer clubs that he owned through financiers. This is from SOLTILO Bright Stars FC, Uganda’s professional soccer club.