MCADE price explodes ahead of Metacade’s mainnet launch, up 106% this week

MCADE price explodes ahead of Metacade’s mainnet launch, up 106% this week

By Benson Toti - min read
  • Metacade’s native token MCADE has surged more than 20% in the past 24 hours and 106% this week. 
  • The gains come amid massive interest from gamers as Metacade’s highly anticipated mainnet launch approaches.
  • The team has announced major partnerships, highlighting its growth since the presale.

A look at the charts shows that Metacade price was capped at a long time resistance near $0.007 on November 18. Today, it’s trading at double that level as it defies the negative sentiment across crypto

MCADE looks poised for a bullish breakout amid a notable interest as Metacade takes a massive leap towards becoming one of the crypto gaming ecosystem’s largest platforms.

With the team delivering on the roadmap as highlighted during its successful presale, investors are seeing value- and MCADE price has followed.

Metacade price up 106% this week

Metacade’s native token MCADE is soaring as the community prepares for the grand launch of the gaming platform’s mainnet. Amid the excitement of the platform’s soft launch today, the price of MCADE has pumped 20%.

The MCADE price on crypto exchange Bitget, one of the first major exchanges to support the token, was at $0.014986, just off the intraday high of $0.01500 reached earlier today. The gains, which come as the gaming platform’s user community skyrockets, have pushed weekly gains to 106%.

Data from CoinGecko shows the cryptocurrency’s gains across major exchanges is up 162% in the past 30 days.

The Metacade mainnet launch is here

The Metacade price is surging as the market reels from the shockwaves of Changpeng Zhao’s resignation as Binance CEO.

Top altcoins have slipped to key support levels but MCADE is trading at its highest level since June 30. It is a significant show of confidence from investors in what Metacade could achieve, and part of that journey gets underway today.

As announced via the official X account, Metacade is launching for founding members, with exclusive access codes released on their website. The soft launch comes ahead of the mainnet and unlocks a gaming experience like no other for founding members.

Metacade delivers blockbuster partnerships

Also adding to the bullish outlook for the MCADE token is the investor sentiment around the flurry of activity with regard to major gaming partnerships.

The Metacade team has announced five such major collaborations, with the CEO Russell Bennett stating in a YouTube update on Tuesday that the company had logged 25% more partnerships ahead of the highly anticipated mainnet.

One such partnership announced on Wednesday is with Galaxia Studios, a platform that offers fully on-chain games and will bring “hyper-casual but addictive fun with Aquatic Wars, Frens On Chain, and Rabbits vs. Turtles” to Metacade.

This adds to recent blockbuster deals with Avalanche-based play-to-own metaverse game Hatchyverse; Arbitrum-based free-to-play RPG game Re:Anima Game; and OBS World, the game designed for automotive enthusiasts.

What does all this mean for MCADE?

Metacade’s mainnet launch will see one of the biggest community projects officially bring gaming dApps and transactions to the public. Expected on November 28, the roll out will see more game titles go live, including from the MetaStudio team.

MCADE liquidity is another positive as more people interact with the platform, with the native token powering network activities. With 30 of the 40 partners migrating to the platform during the soft launch, additional interest is likely as more people not on Metacade get on.

Building games and releasing feeds on the gaming platform will also have an overall impact on adoption.