Metacade Investment Soars to $16.35m As Crypto Bull Run Gains Momentum

Metacade Investment Soars to $16.35m As Crypto Bull Run Gains Momentum

By Alice Davies - min read

Crypto market news has been inundated in recent weeks with the easing of markets as the crypto bull run gains momentum. Nowhere has the improvement in conditions been felt more than in the GameFi sector, which continues to see impressive gains being posted among the big names in the crypto gaming sector.

However, the real crypto market good news story is that of play-to-earn (P2E) virtual gaming arcade, Metacade (MCADE), which exceeded expectations during its recent presale event, which raised $16.35m. MCADE is predicted to post impressive results when listed on leading crypto exchanges Uniswap and Bitmart in April 2023.

Metacade’s comprehensive earning mechanics are unrivaled within the GameFi sector, making it one of the most desirable investment opportunities as the crypto bull run revs up.

Everything you need to know about the MCADE crypto exchange listing

Metacade’s hugely successful token presale has generated enormous momentum among its early-stage investors which looks set to spill into the public consciousness as the token readies itself to be listed on leading crypto exchanges. The MCADE IDO is due to launch this week, with the token listing on UniSwap at $0.022.

This hotly-anticipated P2E platform combines some of the most addictive online gaming experiences to be found anywhere on the blockchain with a wide-ranging crypto rewards system that offers users unrivaled avenues to earn passive income online as they play.

In addition to the UniSwap listing on 6th April, the MCADE token will also be listed on Bitmart in April and MEXC in early May. These upcoming listings could produce ferocious buy action on the token, helping it illustrate its reputation as one of the top-performing new investments of 2023.

As the earliest presale investor got hold of MCADE tokens for the princely sum of $0.008, other investors got on board during the ICO at a higher price due to the speed with which demand spread during the presale event. With every round of the presale selling out entirely, the token’s scarcity upon listing, and the wildly attractive project plan, MACDE looks set to appreciate over the coming weeks and months to unprecedented levels.

How high will MCADE go this year?

The GameFi revolution continues to lead crypto market news headlines as the crypto bull run gains momentum. So Metacade has come at the right time to fully reap enormous dividends. The project has captured the attention of experts eager to see if MCADE can make good on its promise and surge toward the $1 barrier by the end of 2023.

The diverse gaming experience offered by the platform gives it a competitive advantage over other GameFi titles, which primarily rely on a single title or gameplay experience to attract fans. With an overall market cap of $2 billion required to drive MCADE to $1, it has plenty of work to do to achieve this milestone, but it would take a brave soul to bet against it happening.

This price potential is driven by the array of incentives available to drive user retention, particularly outside the traditional P2E sphere. As a result, its comprehensive rewards scheme is set to continually improve the user experience, likely leading to increased demand for MCADE as a utility token, even before it realizes its value as a governance coin.

What is Metacade?

Metacade is set to revolutionize the online gaming space by building the most extensive P2E virtual arcade, positioning itself as a vital member of the burgeoning GameFi sector. Metacade’s ambitious white paper sets out its objectives to build the largest online community of gaming enthusiasts and crypto fans thanks to its innovative rewards system that provides several opportunities for users to gain income, not only through gameplay but via token staking and socially interacting with the community.

The native MCADE token presents investors with an exciting and once-in-a-blue-moon opportunity thanks to its extensive utility, outstanding tokenomics, and fixed limited supply set to push the price of MCADE higher very quickly.

How does MCADE work?

MCADE is the native token of the Metacade ecosystem and is the fuel behind the platform’s various and wide-ranging functions. As well as providing the medium of exchange throughout the platform, MCADE powers the rewards system. This vast level of utility ensures that the demand for tokens will remain consistent as the user base joins the platform, potentially reaching the point where supply is outstripped.

In addition to the high utility offered by MCADE, it also powers one of the platform’s most attractive and innovative features, Metagrants. This scheme allows developers to apply for crypto funding to support the development of new titles exclusively for Metacade. Each submission goes into a pool before being released to the MCADE community for voting. The titles that gain the most votes go into production with the aid of crypto funding to support the ventures.

This contributes to user retention thanks to the regular evolutionary nature of exciting new titles while ensuring members feel fully engaged with the platform’s ongoing development.

Is MCADE a good investment?

As the crypto bull run gathers pace and sets to make headlines in crypto market news, Metacade is brilliantly placed to continue its incredible and exciting journey. Its imminent release on two of the most well-known crypto exchanges could be the first step in MCADE entering orbit thanks to the backing of its innovative P2E ecosystem and impressive vision of the future of crypto gaming.

Metacade has already established itself as a testament to the power of innovation in the Web3 era. It looks set to continue as the project embarks on the next step of its exciting journey to become one of the most profitable crypto investment opportunities of 2023.

You can buy Metacade here.