Metacade vs Apecoin: MCADE likely to overtake APE in 2023

Metacade vs Apecoin: MCADE likely to overtake APE in 2023

By Alice Davies - min read

Apecoin was one of the most talked-about crypto assets near the end of the last bull run. It’s still one of the top 50 projects by market cap as well. But in 2023 and beyond, there’s a high chance every Apecoin price prediction will be outpaced by MCADE.

This article will explain why your Apecoin price prediction may be too high in the sections below.

What is Apecoin (APE)?

In the spring of 2022, Bored Ape Yacht Club released a utility and governance token for the APE ecosystem, Apecoin (APE). Holders of APE tokens not only have exclusive access to merch, games, services, and events but also have a say in what partnerships and programmes the Ape Foundation will support. In addition, third-party developers can also reward their participants with APE tokens. 

Can APE compete with MCADE in the future?

What is Metacade (MCADE)?

Metacade is a virtual gathering spot and community hub that’s set to be home to the latest, greatest GameFi and P2E games, similar to the way Steam operates for PC games. With so many different titles in the works, there will be something for everyone to enjoy in the Metacade. That’s part of what makes the project so promising.

Another reason for the optimism surrounding Metacade is its commitment to the community. It serves the community by offering many avenues for earning income online, such as P2E games, staking, prize draws, and even competitive tournaments.

Plus, Metacade will give out funding via Metagrants to aspiring developers from the community with big ideas. The community will vote on who receives these grants to give users more of a say over what Metacade looks like moving forward. This will also help to ensure that there are always fun, new games to try on the platform with a valuable reason to keep coming back.

Metacade will be more successful than Apecoin – Here’s why

Now that we’ve covered what Metacade is let’s look at why the price prediction for it is higher than our Apecoin price prediction. Here are four factors to consider while you evaluate your Apecoin price prediction moving forward.

Metacade Offers Something for Everyone

What makes Metacade special is its inclusion of many different Web3 gaming titles on one platform. Most projects only offer a single game for users to play. This means that if someone doesn’t enjoy that game, they have no reason to continue engaging with the platform.

Metacade’s increasing library of titles gives users an ever-expanding list of reasons to engage with the platform. This helps keep user levels high and ensures long-term growth.

Apecoin Has Limited Appeal

One thing to consider when making your Apecoin price prediction is that the project is an extension of the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT collection. This NFT collection is one of the most popular on the market but also one of the most widely ridiculed in the crypto community.

Many crypto enthusiasts dislike Bored Ape Yacht Club and its holders. These people are unlikely to ever engage with Apecoin which could hold the project back in 2023 and beyond.

Metacade is For More Than Just Gaming

As a platform, Metacade does more than just give people access to the best games. It’s also a socially active place where friends can spend time together and meet new people. Individuals who wish to work in Web3 could one day find their first jobs, doing things like testing games and managing communities.

In this sense, Metacade has the scope to become like a virtual community square or town hall, providing an important social space for the future of the metaverse. Its potential goes beyond the gaming sector.

Apecoin Is Dependent on Too Much Going the Right Way

Apecoin will serve as the native currency of Yuga Labs’ upcoming Otherside metaverse world project. That’s why Apecoin has managed to hold a relatively high market cap.

However, if anything goes wrong with Otherside – such as not having many users at launch or experiencing delays – then Apecoin will suffer. The same is true of the Bored Ape Yacht Club ecosystem in general.

This means that Apecoin is too dependent on other projects to succeed on its own. It’s important to remember this while making an Apecoin price prediction.

Metacade (MCADE) seems to be the better investment opportunity

Given everything this article has covered, it should be easier to see why the Apecoin price prediction is lower than the prediction for MCADE. Metacade offers a vast range of utilities across its platform and a potentially massive combined target audience from an exploding gaming sector. A platform with a variety of gaming experiences is much more likely to capture and successfully retain users at a significantly higher rate than a single-title experience.

The project’s presale pricing began at 125 MCADE for $1 and will gradually increase in price to 50 MCADE for $1 by the time it ends. Metacade and its MCADE token stand to become one of the very best investments of 2023 and beyond. Potential investors should get into it before the hordes descend. The earlier a solid investment is made, the greater the potential to profit.

You can participate in the Metacade pre-sale here.