Mindexcoin Set for an Innovation Year in 2019

Mindexcoin Set for an Innovation Year in 2019

By Benson Toti - min read

One of the latest altcoins on the block, Mindexcoin, is in line to make a breakthrough in the cryptocurrency space in 2019 after an encouraging 2018.

Mindexcoin, which was originally an Ethereum-based token, looks set to make strides in the crypto industry just over 12 months after its ICO launch in December 2017.

Underpinned by one of the largest cryptocurrencies in the market in Ethereum and its impressive smart contracts technology, Mindexcoin experienced seven successful sales rounds to cement its reputation as one of the most accepted of the new altcoins.

2018 saw a string of leading cryptocurrency exchanges such as ForkDelta, Xforks, Latoken and Mercatox make Mindexcoin available on their platforms, while crypto wallets such as MyEtherWallet, Mist and Parity were quick to support it.

The team behind Mindexcoin launched hugely successful development projects for the altcoin in 2018, including the Mindex Airdrop system, which has helped incentivise the growth of the digital currency by 8,000% from its first ICO phase.

This revolutionary system enables cryptocurrency users to select their favourite cryptocurrency and use it to pay sellers for products or services. It aims to provide ground-breaking consumer protection for crypto users, aiming to build upon the inherent features of cryptocurrencies to offer quicker, cross-border transactions and reduced payment fees for merchants and consumers.

Mindexcoin (MIC) concluded 2018 by being featured on CoinMarketCap, the internet’s biggest real-time platform for cryptocurrency price information.

Positivity continues to surround the Mindexcoin project despite the price crash in the crypto market between December and the beginning of this year. Ethereum was one of the most affected coins from the market’s devaluation, which had a knock-on effect on MIC.

Mindexcoin’s price fall due to its connection with Ethereum saw the platform recently opt to invest heavily in its technological independence, hiring a spate of developers to help develop the new Mindexcoin blockchain which will be based on Litecoin’s successful blockchain.

Mindexcoin’s new blockchain will see all of its existing cryptocurrency replaced this month. Owners of existing MIC coins must deposit them into their MindexWallet to enable them to be replaced with the currency from its new blockchain. Those who already have MIC in their MindexWallet will be rewarded with four times the amount of the new MIC cryptocurrency for their loyalty.

The official launch of the new MIC is scheduled for 20th March 2019.

Featured image: Iramenko Sergii/Shutterstock.com