NFT Ecosystem to be Explored at First-of-Its-Kind NFT.NYC Next Month

NFT Ecosystem to be Explored at First-of-Its-Kind NFT.NYC Next Month

By Rebecca Campbell - min read
Updated 22 May 2020

Next month, NFT.NYC will be taking place, bringing together gamers, artists, blockchain developers, and fans to showcase the impact that non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are having.

Taking place Wednesday 20th February at the Playstation Theater in New York’s Times Square, NFT.NYC’s Digital Collectibles Ecosystem will be the first major U.S. event of its kind.

Here industry leaders, influencers, developers, and fans can meet to learn and discuss how NFTs are impacting the experiences of ownership and identity with digital assets.

Some of the talks during the day include: why NFTs are important, CryptoKitties – journey and roadmap, building a smart contract system for a future in-game economy, getting mainstream gamers excited about NFTs, the evolution of cryptoassts, reimagining philanthrophy through NFTs, tokenizing physical collectibles, and NFTs 2024 – the future of NFTs.

Aside from industry leader discussion there will also be workshops taking place such as smart contracts for beginners and building an NFT in 15 minutes.

Featured speakers include Marguerite deCourcelle, CEO at Blockade Games, Clay Robbins, ecosystem development lead at 0x, Dani Grant, analyst at Union Square Ventures, Benny Giang, co-founder of CryptoKitties, Duncan Cock Foster, CEO and co-founder of Nifty Gateway, Oliver Carding, founder of CryptoKaiju and founder/ owner of CoinJournal, Tara Townsend, head of business development at Rare Bits, and Jordan Messina, creator of KittyHats.

In November, Carding and fellow co-founders of CryptoKaiju, David Moore, James Morgan, and Andy Gray, the co-founders of KnownOrigin, a digital art marketplace, launched their first physical blockchain vinyl collectible toy.

Equipped with a tamper-proof NFC tag, the tag provides information about the toy’s blockchain record. On top of that each Bitcoin-themed Kaiju monster has unique traits, which are represented on the Ethereum blockchain by an ERC-721 token. These include its gender, colour, birth date, and two personality traits.

The first batch of the collectible, appropriately named Genesis, has now sold out following the launch. However, the team are working on the second batch of collectible toys for launch soon.

Aside from being a fun product for the blockchain community, CryptoKaiju is intended to illustrate to non-technical people how the blockchain works.

At the time of the launch, Carding said: “…it dawned on me that, and for most people, conceptualizing technology that’s completely intangible is rather difficult. Unless they can actually see or feel the item they’ve purchased, it often doesn’t make sense.”

Exploring NFTs at the upcoming NFT.NYC event, this will be a unique opportunity to see how digital assets on the blockchain will change the face of gaming, licensing, and finance. Not only that, but it’ll be a chance to find out why many believe NFTs will be in the driving seat for the next wave of blockchain value.