Otaku Coin Association recruits more leaders to its team

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Otaku Coin Association recruits more leaders to its team

By Benson Toti - min read

The OCA welcomes executives from the Dentsu Japanimation Studio and the Hakuhodo Blockchain Initiative

The Otaku Coin Association (OCA), a community that connects hardcore fans of Japanese animation, has announced that several high profile figures from the anime and the blockchain industry are set to join its leadership team. 

AdverTimes, a Japanese news site, published an article yesterday that revealed executives from the Dentsu Japanimation Studio and the Hakuhodo Blockchain Initiative, Takashi Muto and Yusuke Ito, will be a part of the Otaku Coin Association (OCA) as new directors.

Takashi Muto is a representative of Dentsu Corporation’s Dentsu Japanimation Studio. He is also a member of the first consolidated solution division.

Yusuke Ito is a member of Hakuhodo Corporation’s Hakuhodo Blockchain Initiative.

The addition of Dentsu and Hakuhodo to the OCA has raised expectations for more collaborations and new services that use the community currency, called the Otaku Coin.

In September 2018, the OCA distributed six million tokens among 15,000 participants for free. However, the association intends to launch a fundraiser in 2021 as a part of its plan to slowly start moving the coins to the blockchain.

The association’s name is derived from the Japanese term for a “superfan,” individuals that are passionate with a particular niche of pop culture. The Otaku Coin is a community currency that caters predominantly to fans of Japanese anime, comics, and games.

On July 1, Japan experienced a 30% increase in the number of crypto and blockchain companies within the country since the beginning of 2020. Many of these businesses are tied to popular game titles.

However, many forms of gambling are illegal in Japan, posing significant regulatory concerns for developers that are hoping to move to the blockchain.

Dentsu and Hakuhodo are two prominent Japanese companies that are influential within the anime industry. They have made their mark playing major roles in the production of famous anime series, such as Puella Magi Madoka Magica (Hakuhodo) and Yokai Watch (Dentsu).

The OCA is a clear example of how cryptocurrencies and other related technologies can be used far beyond the fintech industry. In this scenario, the community currency helps facilitate a platform conducive for superfans to follow their favourite anime, manga and games.

The OCA app gives fans and creators an opportunity to connect and share their appreciation through Otaku Coins. The app also allows users to send supportive messages to content creators, which are turned into posters and booklets delivered to the studios.