Pink Taxi. Empowering Women

Pink Taxi. Empowering Women

By Oliver Carding - min read
Updated 25 May 2020

About Pink Taxi

Pink Taxi is a women-only taxi company which is aimed at providing safe transportation services to female passengers as well as offering a proper platform for their trustworthy employees.

The idea of Pink Taxi first appeared in 2006, and, since then, it has received praise and recognition from many people from all over the world. The functionality of this concept has been demonstrated, seeing as it has spread to more than 18 countries.

This global established brand has been recognized as a working concept in different social economic realities and traditions, both in first and third world countries. For some, it provides economic liberalization, while for others it offers a convenient and safe mode of transportation through which harassment is avoided.

Female Economic Empowerment

The entire concept on which Pink Taxi is based on empowering women.

Women economic empowerment means women will have more power and control over their own lives. The need for female empowerment is evident from the many disadvantages women have compared to men in economic, socio-cultural and political spheres.

The UN Population Fund revealed that an empowered woman views herself as having more value. Empowerment leads to women having the capability to make their own decisions in their lives and act on them. She can have access to opportunities and resources that will offer her a range of options from which she can choose from.

With this level of control over her life, she is then able to influence the social scene, thus creating a more socially and economically fair environment, both in national and international spheres.

Funding the Pink Taxi project through its Initial Coin Offering will help further the empowerment and equality agenda, taking one step closer to a fairer world with each female passenger and investor.

The Team

Pink Taxi Group consists of experienced individuals and professionals that have a grander vision of how technology can help develop this project. The London-based group operates its services at an international level, collaborating with different Pink Taxis based worldwide.

The veteran computer programmer, John McAfee, is backing up this project as an Advisory Head. McAfee is renowned for being the developer of the first commercial antivirus software, amassing decades of experience in online security. The security expert is also an avid cryptocurrency enthusiast and supporter, praising the advantages blockchain technology can bring to privacy and FinTech.

Considering his vast experience in creating and administering companies and projects in the tech space, any endeavor that receives McAfee’s direct involvement will certainly have favorable prospects.

The Token

The platform uses their ERC-20 based PTT token to have access to the features of PINK TAXI. Owning the aforementioned tokens will enable both its drivers and clients to benefit from the advantages offered by the blockchain platform.

Both customers and drivers have loyalty programs where they can earn tokens which can then be used for free rides or trading.

Utilizing this system of issuing tokens, Pink Taxi also empowers its drivers in an industry where traditional platforms take advantage by underpaying them. The drivers will receive a more substantial part of their earned funds. By employing smart contracts, the driver gets paid instantly once the transport has been confirmed to be safe and satisfactory. The funds will then be automatically transferred to the digital wallet.

By using and owning these tokens, women get to access and experiment cryptocurrency easily, a tech segment in which they have little involvement in. This can change over time, as Pink Taxi offers an accessible and easy-to-use platform that can serve as an initiator in the world of crypto trading, investments and empowerment.

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