Pro-XRP advocate John Deaton to run for Senate against Elizabeth Warren

Pro-XRP advocate John Deaton to run for Senate against Elizabeth Warren

By Charles Thuo - min read
  • XRP advocate John Deaton considers Senate bid against Elizabeth Warren.
  • Deaton discloses Massachusetts roots, potential Republican candidacy.
  • Crypto industry-backed support for Deaton could shape the Massachusetts Senate race.

In a potential political shakeup, attorney John Deaton, known for his pro-XRP stand, is seriously contemplating a run for the US Senate against the crypto-sceptic Senator Elizabeth Warren.

Reports suggest that Deaton, a vocal advocate for Ripple’s XRP and sensible crypto regulation, could bring a fresh perspective to the Massachusetts Senate race.

Deaton’s Massachusetts Senate stab

Recent developments reveal that John Deaton has not only changed his address from Rhode Island to Massachusetts but also disclosed his deep roots in the state. Having lived in Roxbury, East Boston, Malden, and Swansea, Deaton’s connection to Massachusetts spans over two decades, during which he served as a lawyer representing asbestos victims and graduated from the New England School of Law in Boston.

Deaton’s potential candidacy adds a new layer to the U.S. Senate race, with his history as a Massachusetts lawyer and strong ties to the state. As a potential Republican candidate, he could provide a stark contrast to Senator Elizabeth Warren, particularly on the issue of crypto regulation.

Crypto industry-backed support for Deaton against Warren

Reports indicate that the Fairshake Super PAC, backed by major crypto industry players like Ripple, Coinbase, and Kraken, is poised to heavily support John Deaton in his potential Senate run. This comes at a time when Warren, a known crypto sceptic, recently proposed a bill aimed at regulating and potentially restricting certain aspects of the cryptocurrency industry.

The crypto industry’s support for Deaton underscores the growing significance of cryptocurrency issues in mainstream politics. If Deaton decides to enter the race officially, he could become a key figure in advocating for pro-innovation and pro-crypto policies within the Senate.

As Massachusetts residents await Deaton’s final decision on whether to challenge Elizabeth Warren, the potential clash between a prominent XRP advocate and a crypto-sceptic senator adds an intriguing layer to the political landscape. With Deaton’s Massachusetts roots, legal expertise, and strong support from the crypto industry, the 2024 Senate race in the state could become a focal point for discussions on the future of crypto regulation in the United States.