Pullix (PLX) extremely bullish ahead of highly anticipated market launch

Pullix (PLX) extremely bullish ahead of highly anticipated market launch

By Benson Toti - min read
  • Pullix (PLX) is now just days away from its presale close, with just 22% of tokens in stage 8 remaining.
  • Pullix will debut its token on exchanges and hybrid exchange after the presale.
  • PLX price could swiftly hit new highs upon listing.

Pullix, the new hybrid exchange aiming to redefine the DeFi trading market, is about to make headlines in the industry. The project’s presale is so close to the end that market anticipation is palpable. As of writing, only 22.7% of the PLX tokens remain in stage 8.

Amid this extreme bullish outlook, could Pullix (PLX) be on the verge of a remarkable 100x run?

Pullix presale end just days away

With over $7.7 million raised so far, Pullix is just 5 days away from a remarkable milestone. The project’s presale has only 22% of the available sale tokens remaining before stage 8 closes.

This is the final presale stage and the token will hit the market thereafter, with BitMart already announcing support for the PLX token. PLX will also list on Uniswap.

According to details on Pullix website, the presale is set to end on February 29, 2024. The team expects tokens to list on exchanges seven days after the close of the token sale.

Pullix’s hybrid exchange: what to know

Pullix (PLX) is a new trading platform encompassing the best of centralized and decentralized exchanges. It is a hybrid exchange.

The hybrid infrastructure provides a non-custodial platform and a solution to one of DeFi’s biggest problems – liquidity. Pullix also offers an unparalleled incentive program via its revenue-sharing mechanism and users can explore further passive income opportunities via staking.

For PLX holders, the passive income earning opportunities that come with Pullix’s hybrid exchange model isn’t the only factor that puts Pullix above potential competitors. The access that one gets in relation to features such as low fees, institutional liquidity and slippage-free trading are a huge plus.

The Gen Z trading community, which is keen on getting the best of both centralized and decentralized exchanges, will also find this the go-to solution for multi-currency trading and staking, yield farming and automated or AI trading.

As Pullix looks to bring its innovative “Trade-to-Earn” platform to the market, the anticipation within the crypto community is high.

Pullix (PLX) price prediction

Pullix has a bullish outlook amid the platform’s imminent launch. Swift adoption is likely given the massive interest the community has shown during the presale. 

The project’s innovative hybrid approach, DeFi’s resurgence and the additional perks that come with PLX are all positive factors that could help drive prices higher.

In this case, the current price of $0.14 in stage 8 could still be a great entry opportunity. Pullix’s strategic targeting of the growing crypto market, which sits at $2 trillion compared to the $7 trillion forex market, is also a key factor.

Pullix’s bull market performance could catapult PLX into one of the top 100 altcoins by market cap before the end of 2024. 

Learn more about Pullix here.