Raindex launches on Flare to power decentralized CEX-style trading

Raindex launches on Flare to power decentralized CEX-style trading

By Benson Toti - min read
  • Raindex app offers real-time access to data with full on-chain execution of trades.
  • The Raindex desktop app will leverage the Flare Time Series Oracle (FTSO).
  • Anyone can use the Rainlang smart contract platform to create and deploy trading strategies on-chain.

Flare, the blockchain for data network, has integrated Raindex, a platform that brings a new decentralised CEX-style trading solution to the Flare ecosystem.

Raindex is a Rainlang smart contract language platform that offers an intents-like trading architecture for desktop users. The app has been in development for over three years and blends the best of both CEXs and DEXs, going beyond traditional Automated Market Makers (AMMs) to offer full on-chain execution of trades.

Notably, app users can simulate the performance of their strategies before they deploy them on-chain.

Raindex app to leverage Flare’s FTSO

Raindex app leverages the Flare Time Series Oracle (FTSO) to provide for advanced trading, with the Flare decentralized price oracle technology allowing for on-chain trading that taps into benefits of centralised exchanges.

In a press release shared on Tuesday, Flare noted that with Raindex, users can set bid and offer prices as well as activate risk management mechanisms such as stop loss and take profit.

Other customised trading strategies users can deploy include dollar-cost-averaging (DCA), Dutch orders, copy trading and portfolio rebalancing.

These activities are possible because Raindex app uses the Rainlang smart contract language, which allows anyone to design and deploy or manage a trading strategy.

Flare’s FTSO then allows anyone to perform the trades on the user’s behalf but within the constraints of the deployed strategy.

Josh Hardy, co-founder of Rain, said the collaboration with Flare adds to the overall growth of the DeFi space.

“Secure, reliable data is an indispensable part of the toolkit for anybody writing trading strategies. We’re super excited to introduce Rainlang and Raindex into Flare’s ecosystem, connect with the DeFi community and see what they create,” he said in a statement.

Enhanced security for users

The new platform will utilize Flare’s FTSOv2, taking advantage of its “Fast Updates” capability to deliver real-time asset prices. Raindex integration on Flare will also include an extension of Rainlang that eliminates the need for third-party, off-chain data oracles.

Access to real-time asset price data, trading without intermediaries among other added functionality is enhanced by DEX-style security. A user remains in control of their private keys and therefore their digital assets.

Raindex has announced a $12,000 trading contest as it celebrates its launch on Flare. The program is aimed at incentivising the community and will run throughout May 2024.