Sponsored Story: The 5 Most Popular Reasons to Mix Your Bitcoins

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Sponsored Story: The 5 Most Popular Reasons to Mix Your Bitcoins

By Oliver Carding - min read
Updated 22 May 2020

If you’re a regular user of Bitcoin mixers, you’re most likely are
aware of the benefits. However, you may not have used a mixer before and you’re
wondering if BitcoinMix.org is a tool that
you should take advantage of. In this article, you’ll learn some of the popular
reasons why you should blend your bitcoins.

1) Makes You Anonymous

The transactions on the bitcoin network are open. The implication of
this is that anyone who is interested could look at the ledger and know your
transaction history. They can even find out how much BTC you have in your
wallet and where the coins came from. This means that all the past transactions
that you have made are out there for anyone to examine. Since we all value our
privacy, this may not be a good scenario. So you can mix your bitcoins and send
them to another wallet which keeps you anonymous on the network.

2) Keeps Away Hackers

Hackers are serious threat to holders of bitcoin and other digital
currencies. This is a valid reason to consider using a bitcoin tumbler such
Bitcoinmix.org. The real benefit comes from the fact that you can move BTC from
your usual wallet to another after mixing the coins. This will help keep prying
eyes from following the movement of your assets. You may have heard of
malicious threats such as dusting and clipperboard attacks. It makes sense to
keep low profile to avoid becoming a target of hackers.

3) Safeguards Your Privacy

If you have ever used an exchange, it is likely that you have
conducted KYC. Blockchain analysis firms easily track the identity of the
owners of various wallets and what transactions they made. This makes it easy
for anyone to know how much BTC you own. Bad players can also take advantage of
this. So it is not a bad idea to use a mixing service to protect your identity
whenever you are transacting with an exchange. This would help hide the total
volume of BTC you own and your transaction history.

4) Prepares You for Unfavorable Regulations

Cryptocurrency regulation is a grey area so there is no certainty the
direction it would take in future as many governments are still trying to
understand it and make relevant laws to govern it. The main challenge has been
its decentralized feature, yet some governments have attempted to ban or restrict
its use. You wouldn’t want to lose your coins if your government becomes anti
BTC. Your best bet is to always use tumbling services such as Bitcoinmix.org to
hide your identity and the volume of coins that you own.

5) Protects You from Criminals

People have been kidnapped or even killed because of their digital
assets. These are people whose identities were exposed because of the way they
used crypto. You don’t expose your net worth to strangers. You shouldn’t do
that with your cryptocurrencies too.  You
can avoid prying eyes and third-party blockchain analysis tools from tracking
your identity and knowing how much coin you own by using tumbling services to
mix your BTC.