Top 5 Best Ways to Keep Up with Crypto News

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Top 5 Best Ways to Keep Up with Crypto News

By Benson Toti - min read

The entire crypto sphere is an ever-changing landscape, where the slightest development can significantly impact the marketplace. There are now thousands of coins and tokens. While the internet can be an incredible tool to stay informed on their progress, it can be challenging to identify impartial and reliable sources of news and information.

There are some great platforms though that the savvy investor or enthusiast would do well to bookmark, and that is why we have put together these top five ways that you can keep up to date with cryptocurrency-related news.

#1 Twitter

Ok, so the first on our list is arguably the most obvious; but you would be surprised how many people overlook Twitter as a source of crypto news. This is the largest microblogging platform in the world, where every man and his dog seem to want to share their thoughts; from the mundane to the profound.

It is also a stage where the founders and CEO’s of huge companies speak freely about internal developments, future plans, and newly formed partnerships. Cryptocurrency projects, experts and enthusiasts will post the latest developments on this platform, and you can follow those who interest you the most to receive notifications the second they share information.

One of the least-known, yet powerful tools to use on Twitter is the money tag. Placing $ ahead of a cryptocurrency ticker will filter financial-related posts. The hashtag can also be used in a similar fashion.

#2 Press Releases

Now, anything posted on twitter will have likely been taken from a primary source. These are the sites that issue the initial press release, informing on the most recent and crucial developments. If you are interested in a particular cryptocurrency, the official page of the community will regularly publish all news that will have an impact on coin.

Other primary sources that are sure to issue press releases would be financial regulators, such as the FCA, CySEC, and the SEC. These authorities are empowered to introduce measures that determine how governments regulate cryptocurrency operations in their respective jurisdictions. When new rules are put forth, the impact on value is felt almost immediately. Keeping a watchful eye for the press releases of primary sources will allow you to respond quickly to sudden changes in the marketplace.

#3 Newswires

Newswire services spread stories to journalists and bloggers around the world on behalf of companies and PR agencies. Newswires have been around for years and used to distribute news via satellite, fax machines and closed editorial systems. Today, these valuable services are freely available to everyone online.

One of the most popular services is Here, cryptocurrency enthusiasts can gain access to breaking stories and press releases over the past year to present day. Newswires play an essential role in new cryptocurrency projects, enabling them to reach out to a global audience at a very low cost.

#4 News Aggregators

Possibly my favourite on today’s list is the news aggregator sites. If you genuinely want your finger on the pulse of the crypto industry, then these are the perfect option. These platforms don’t actually publish any news stories of their own. Instead, they trawl the internet, taking information from other websites using RSS feeds.

Crypto Panic is an excellent example of a news aggregator for cryptocurrency. In truth, it isn’t the most attractive platform, but the feeds for breaking stories are taken from highly reliable and popular sources.

For a more visually pleasing experience, you may want to try Crypto Control. This news aggregator presents breaking news stories as a heat map. News that is trending takes a larger portion of map, and colours represent how recently the story was published; with older stories illustrated with a darker tile. You can also filter the heatmap to provide information on one or all of the following.

  • General Information
  • Blockchain
  • Mining
  • ICO
  • Government
  • Analysis
  • Exchanges

Frequently visiting these sites is a sure way to stay informed on all critical developments taking place in the crypto sphere.

#5 Google Alerts and Trends

Most people think of Google as a search bar that can take you to the best site that serves your needs. While this is undoubtedly true, Google is capable of much more.

Setting up your personal Google Alerts will take only a couple of minutes. Still, it will provide you with breaking stories and insights into your favourite cryptocurrencies, dropped straight in your mailbox every day.

Google Trends calculates the evolution of search volume, allowing you to see the bigger picture. Trends is especially useful because it is location-specific. You can identify what stories are trending and why within a few simple clicks.

Well, there you have it. The top five ways that you can stay ahead of the game in a rapidly evolving market. I recommend using all of these methods in tandem. The more informed you become, the quicker you can act.