Top cryptos to surge this October: Bitcoin Cash, BorroeFinance, and Uniswap

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Top cryptos to surge this October: Bitcoin Cash, BorroeFinance, and Uniswap

By News Team - min read

Bitcoin Cash has surprised everyone with $BCH’s strong rally in a bearish September.

Elsewhere, the Uniswap community is expecting big things as they prepare to vote on a new $62 million request. Another project that leaves no doubt in investors’ minds is BorroeFinance ($ROE)

BorroeFinance presale has already sold over 100 million tokens. So, the question is, can $ROE become a top ICO project in 2023? More so, what can you expect on $BCH and $UNI this year? Well, let’s see what the experts say.

Uniswap to upgrade with $62 million funding request

On September 27, 2023, a proposal was introduced to release $62 million to the Uniswap Foundation. The proposal will be voted on by Uniswap’s ($UNI) community on October 4. If approved, the funds will be used for research and development operations on Uniswap ($UNI).

Plans to upgrade Uniswap are expected to pull $UNI out of its current market stagnation. $UNI was trading at $4.26 after the market slump on September 1. Yet, $UNI had fallen slightly by 0.4% to $4.24 on September 27, after its new funding proposal.

Some developers claim the funding will be used to develop the upcoming Uniswap V4. They also claim that Uniswap Foundation has already received $17.3 million for its V4 upgrade. If Uniswap’s ($UNI) developments go as planned, $UNI could rise above $4.8. Currently trading at 3.86. UNI touched 4.2 briefly on 16th October.

Bitcoin Cash growing despite widespread bearishness

On September 1, 2023, the crypto market entered a bear run that has affected most projects. Bitcoin Cash ($BCH) and other top altcoins lost positive investor sentiment as the market tanked. The market decline that affected Bitcoin Cash ($BCH) was caused by delays in spot Bitcoin ETF applications although many believe the approval is imminent.

Yet, Bitcoin Cash’s $BCH token has risen impressively. After the market slump on September 1, $BCH was trading at $199.63. Moreover, $BCH has risen by 13.6% to $225.87 as of October 17. $BCH’s rise could be due to the rising demand for Bitcoin Cash’s services. 

On June 27, Bitcoin Cash ($BCH) was listed on EDX Markets, owned by Citadel Investments and other institutional asset managers. Analysts say Bitcoin Cash’s popularity could push $BCH up to $241.53. As a result, Bitcoin Cash’s expected positive market performance could make it a good crypto to buy now.

BorroeFinance leveraging community financing to power Web3 growth

Access to quick and efficient capital-raising opportunities is powerful. Yet, only a few Web3 companies can boast of such access. Rather, many Web3 companies struggle to find short-term capital needed to manage daily operations.

Thankfully, BorroeFinance is coming to change that narrative. The platform has a technology-based approach to solving the cash crunches that regularly affect Web 3 businesses. To help businesses get funding on time and efficiently, BorroeFinance leverages community lending.

The platform allows the buying and selling of invoices in exchange for speedy loans. Moreover, BorroeFinance ($ROE) stands out for its speed and efficiency. The platform offers loan approvals of 1 hour or less. Furthermore, it uses AI to check a user’s creditworthiness. This further automates the process and results in more efficient lending.

Benefits of joining BorroeFinance ($ROE) include discounts on invoice offers and platform fees. Users also enjoy advanced analytics that helps them find more profitable opportunities. Many investors have rushed to capitalize on these benefits. 

As investors rush to have a stake in the BorroeFinance project, its native token ROE has seen a 50% growth from its initial value of $0.0100 to $0.0150 since its presale started. The project is currently in Stage 2 of the presale. 

When its presale officially ends, $ROE is expected to have grown by another 167% to reach $0.0400. 

To learn more about BorroeFinance ($ROE) visit BorroeFinance Presale | Join The Telegram Group | Follow BorroeFinance on Twitter.