Trader Makes $1.6M Trading Meme Coin $WEN. Could NUGX Traders See Similar Results After Launch?

Trader Makes $1.6M Trading Meme Coin $WEN. Could NUGX Traders See Similar Results After Launch?

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  • Solana meme coin Wen delivers $1.6 million in profits to traders, showcasing the potential of investing early in these fast-rising assets.

  • NuggetRush, a play-to-earn gaming and NFTs platform, sees a 44% surge during its presale, indicating strong investor interest in its potential for exponential gains.

  • The intersection of gaming, NFTs, and DeFi drives NuggetRush’s appeal, with analysts predicting a similar post-launch rally to WEN.

Solana (SOL) meme coins are gaining widespread attention thanks to their explosive potential. Investing early in new meme coins has always provided investors with enormous profits and made many cryptocurrency investors millionaires. Myro (MYRO) did it, and now Wen (WEN) has followed suit, delivering over $1.6 million to an unnamed trader smart enough to seize the opportunity. 

Wen’s success has drawn the interest of many investors in fast-rising meme coins like NuggetRush (NUGX). The meme coin-run platform recently hit a new high of $0.018 during the fifth stage of its ongoing presale. This growth has strengthened confidence in the cryptocurrency, with its crypto ICO investors wondering if the NUGX meme coin could replicate WEN’s returns after it launches.

Let’s explore Wen’s success and NUGX’s potential to deliver similar gains to WEN.

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NuggetRush (NUGX) Displays Potential To Deliver Explosive Gains After Launch

NuggetRush is a DeFi cryptocurrency platform that uses the NUGX meme coin to run everything from its play-to-earn game to transactions on its marketplace. Although the project is still in its early stages of development, its integration of P2E gaming and NFTs has earned it recognition as the best crypto investment among crypto investors. This is why, shortly after the presale started, many investors started trooping in.

During the crypto ICO event, NuggetRush has raised over $2 million, showcasing high demand for it. The presence of investors with large equity rapidly pushed the value of NUGX from $0.010 to $0.018, as the platform has sold more than 166 million tokens so far. This price surge amounts to 44% gains to early investors who see the platform as potentially one of the best crypto projects to invest in today.

NuggetRush’s quick traction is due to its impact gaming experience, which promises life-changing profits through mining. Players can use their in-game characters to mine different locations for precious minerals that can be traded for real value. NuggetRush also introduces high-value NFTs by using gaming characters as tokenized collectables. Its rare RUSHGEMS collection can be exchanged for real gold, giving the platform’s offerings tangible value. 

These NFTs can also be staked for an annual percentage yield of 20% of the asset value, providing passive income to holders. This approach has increased NuggetRush’s investment base and NUGX’s bullish potential, with analysts predicting a hundredfold surge after launch. But it could go higher than that.

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Wen (WEN) Trader Bags Millions In Profits Showcasing Impressive Trading Skill

Since last year, Solana-based meme coins have recently gone mainstream, recording serious growth and demand. The release of Myro and Dogwifhat filled the crypto airways with bullish expectations, and now Wen has delivered even greater growth. A cryptocurrency trader who bought Wen at an early price successfully secured over $1.6 million in profits by investing a little over $125,000 into the meme coin.

Metrics from a blockchain transaction platform, Lookonchain, showed that the trader bought over 20 billion WEN when it first appeared on exchanges. They raked in more than $682,000 in less than a day after he sold 12.5 billion WEN. On top of their impressive profits, the trader still has over 7.6 billion WEN, valued at over $941,000, according to reports. Together, their total profit from the single trade amounts to $1.6 million.


With NuggetRush blazing through its early stages, the NUGX token is set for a long, bullish run. By the time the platform launches, mainstream adoption and increased trading activity could slingshot the price of NUGX to record highs. This projection is very likely, especially considering that, like Wen, many new meme coins tend to see milestone rallies immediately after launching. The presale is still live, and interested investors can take advantage now.

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