TRON Exceeds Bitcoin in Daily Active Addresses

TRON Exceeds Bitcoin in Daily Active Addresses

By Maja Milovanovic - min read
  • Surprisingly, TRON takes the top spot on the list of cryptocurrencies with the most active daily addresses, with 1,643,580.
  • It is followed by Bitcoin, which has 867,570 active addresses.
  • In third place is Litecoin with 754,272 active daily addresses.

Cryptocurrencies are always on the move, constantly changing and evolving. They’re often compared to the wild west of finance, breaking away from the rules of traditional markets. 

A new analysis by utilised the most recent data available to reveal the cryptocurrencies with the highest average of daily active addresses, either as a sender or receiver of the crypto in question. 

The snapshot from December 5, 2023 unveils an intriguing development—TRON outperformed Bitcoin in terms of worldwide daily user engagement.

Rank Cryptocurrency Active address count
1 TRON 1,643,580
2 Bitcoin 867,570
3 Litecoin 754,272
4 Ethereum 478,541
5 Stellar 109,897
6 Dogecoin 99,677
7 Bitcoin Cash 93,186
8 Cardano 45,483
9 USD Coin 33,920
10 Ripple 28,201
11 Ethereum Classic 15,472
12 Chainlink 5,021
13 Internet Computer 4,448
14 Dai 2,756
15 Wrapped Bitcoin 1,959



At the forefront of blockchain activity on December 5, 2023, was TRON with an impressive 1,643,580 daily active addresses. The TRON network, known for its high throughput and decentralised applications, attracted a substantial user base actively engaging with TRX tokens.

2. Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin, the pioneer of cryptocurrencies, maintained a robust presence with 867,570 daily active addresses. Despite its relatively lower throughput compared to some altcoins, Bitcoin’s widespread adoption and recognition ensured a substantial user base actively transacting on the network.

3. Litecoin (LTC)

Litecoin secured the third position with 754,272 daily active addresses. Known for its faster block generation time compared to Bitcoin, Litecoin’s user-friendly features and efficient transaction processing contributed to its significant presence in daily blockchain activity.

4. Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum, the pioneer of smart contract functionality, boasted 478,541 daily active addresses. The Ethereum network’s versatility and wide range of decentralised applications facilitated a diverse set of users actively participating in transactions.

5. Stellar (XLM)

Stellar claimed the fifth spot with 109,897 daily active addresses. Focused on facilitating cross-border payments and bridging traditional finance with blockchain, Stellar attracted users seeking fast and low-cost transactions.

Max Coupland, the director of CoinJournal, comments, “The cryptocurrency landscape, characterised by its dynamic nature, has long been dominated by the legacy and influence of Bitcoin. However, TRON’s unexpected triumph signals a potential shift in user preferences and highlights the evolving demands within the crypto community. While Bitcoin continues to command a substantial user base and remains a symbol of decentralised finance, TRON’s surge suggests that users are increasingly seeking platforms that provide more than just a store of value.”