UK to involve players on crypto legislation as Pullix presale nears $1M

UK to involve players on crypto legislation as Pullix presale nears $1M

By Charles Thuo - min read
  • Paving the way for digital securities legislation, the UK partners with finance and tech sectors.
  • Pullix, a hybrid exchange, introduces PLX token, “Trade-to-Earn” concept, and a diverse ecosystem.
  • Pullix’s ecosystem includes off-chain order book, lending protocol, and VaultX.

In a significant move toward embracing the burgeoning crypto landscape, the UK government has announced plans to partner with financial and tech sectors to establish legislation for digital securities. Concurrently, Pullix, an emerging player in the crypto space, is making waves with its unique approach and ongoing presale.

This article delves into the details of the UK’s crypto-friendly initiatives and sheds light on Pullix’s innovative features and tokenomics.

UK government’s push for digital securities legislation

The United Kingdom, under the leadership of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, is positioning itself as a hub for the crypto industry. A key development in this strategy is the government’s collaboration with financial services and technology industries to formulate legislation for digital securities. The proposed Digital Securities Sandbox (DSS) has garnered positive responses since its introduction in a July consultation.

The DSS, overseen by the Bank of England and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), is designed to allow companies to test new digital securities products under regulatory supervision. Respondents to the consultation emphasized the importance of flexibility within the sandbox rules to accommodate novel use cases. Additionally, clarity on tax treatment within the sandbox remains a priority for stakeholders.

The government’s commitment to working with regulators and industry players showcases a proactive approach, to create a conducive environment for testing and deploying digital securities. Assets such as debt, equity, and money-market instruments are set to be included in the sandbox, addressing requests from respondents for a broader scope.

Pullix’s innovative approach

As the UK paves the way for digital securities legislation, Pullix emerges as a dynamic player in the crypto space, offering a hybrid exchange solution that combines features of both centralized and decentralized platforms. Pullix aims to tackle liquidity challenges in decentralized finance (DeFi) and provide users with a secure, user-friendly trading experience.

One of Pullix’s standout features is its PLX token, the world’s first “Trade-to-Earn” cryptocurrency currently in the presale stage. Notably, PLX token holders will enjoy a unique revenue-sharing mechanism, allowing them to profit from the exchange’s daily revenue and earn a fixed passive income by providing liquidity.

The token’s utilities include serving as a currency for traders on the platform, providing exclusive access to certain assets and trading conditions, staking for rewards, and acting as a vehicle for distributing rewards, cashbacks, and promotional offers.

Pullix’s platform encompasses a range of features, including margin trading, advanced institutional tools powered by OpenAI, and a decentralized off-chain order book. The platform’s commitment to user security is highlighted by the non-custodial approach, where users retain control of their assets and private keys.

Pullix’s ecosystem is designed to cater to a variety of user needs within the crypto space. From the decentralized off-chain order book facilitating direct order execution to the lending protocol enabling money markets for lending and borrowing, Pullix covers a spectrum of services.

VaultX, Pullix’s decentralized, multichain yield optimizer, allows users to earn compound interest on their crypto holdings, prioritizing safety and efficiency. The DeFi swap feature makes trading tokens at low fees more accessible, operating on an automated market maker model. Yield farming further enhances user engagement, enabling PLX holders to earn rewards by contributing to liquidity through staking LP tokens.

The implementation of machine learning for copy trading sets Pullix apart, allowing users to replicate successful trading strategies based on data points aligned with their goals and preferences. With a focus on “Trade-to-Earn,” Pullix redefines the concept of rebates, providing instantaneous token rewards to traders regardless of trade outcomes.


The collaborative efforts between the UK government and the crypto industry signify a progressive step toward integrating digital securities into the financial landscape.

Simultaneously, Pullix’s innovative features and upcoming presale contribute to the dynamic and evolving nature of the crypto ecosystem, offering users a comprehensive and user-friendly trading experience.