Where to buy HODL coin today after the cryptocurrency surges

Where to buy HODL coin today after the cryptocurrency surges

By Charlie Hancox - min read
Updated 13 July 2021
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HODL is one of the hottest cryptos of the last few days.

In this article, we explain what the HODL crypto project is all about, the benefits of ‘hodling’ HODL crypto, and the best places to buy HODL coin online.

Simply scroll down this page to get involved in one of the hottest cryptocurrency trends of this month.

Where to buy HODL coin online

While many crypto investors and traders choose to buy HODL coin through a decentralised exchange (DEX), our team of analysts feel the best way to get involved in the cryptocurrency market is with an online crypto platform.

These are services with low fees that let you quickly and easily purchase crypto tokens like HODL. Here are our two top picks:

What is HODL crypto?

HODL is a cryptocurrency, and its market symbol is HODL. It is named after a deliberate misspelling of the world hold (hodl), which is a social investing craze designed to encourage retail investors to hold onto assets regardless of their price movements.

Those who ‘hodl’ HODL coin can earn 4% of every transaction on the HODL network in the form of Binance Coin (BNB), and an additional 2% of each transaction is taken and redistributed to all HODL token holders.

Should I buy HODL coin?

If you like the concept and want to invest at an early stage, consider HODL more closely. Just make sure you do your own research and avoid making emotional decisions. That way, you can maximise your chances of investment success.

HODL price prediction

It is really hard to state a HODL price target with any degree of confidence right now, and this is the case for all early-stage cryptocurrency projects. There are too many unpredictable and unknown variables to take into account when trying to calculate the project’s fundamental value.

However, we do think it is a smart and valuable project; we just can’t attach a number to it for now.