Why Metacade (MCADE) Seems to Be One of The Best Investments in 2023 After Its Presale Launch

Why Metacade (MCADE) Seems to Be One of The Best Investments in 2023 After Its Presale Launch

By Alice Davies - min read

The last crypto bull market turned countless beggars into millionaires. All you had to do was invest in top cryptocurrency like Solana, The Sandbox, Axie Infinity, or even Ethereum at the right time.

If you missed out on your big break during the last bull market, don’t make the same mistake in 2023. Metacade is one of the hottest emerging metaverse tokens that could repeat the performance of some of the top cryptocurrency candidates in the last market cycle.

Don’t believe us? Keep reading. This article will tell you everything that you need to know about Metacade and its MCADE token in the sections below.

What is Metacade?

Metacade is setting up to become Web3’s first community arcade. It’s a virtual arcade destination that users can visit to try out the latest GameFI projects, compete in gaming tournaments, socialise with friends and one day, maybe even find their next Web3 jobs.

The project’s total addressable market is massive and it’s starting to catch on among early adopters. Its native token is called MCADE. It’s used on the Metacade platform to try pay-for-play games, join competitive tournaments, and post jobs on the site.

Metacade also gives its community plenty of opportunities to earn money online. Gamers can do so by playing P2E games and entering competitive tournaments, while non-gamers can enter prize draws, stake the token, and even post engagement-worthy content on the platform to be rewarded with soon-to-be top cryptocurrency, MCADE.

Metacade Will Be More Successful Than Other Metaverse Coins – Here’s Why

When deciding which top cryptocurrency assets to invest in, you don’t just want to pick a coin that’s going to go up. You want to choose one that has a good reason to go up more than all of the other metaverse projects and have a strategy to stay there.

Metacade looks like it will outpace most, if not all, metaverse projects and top cryptocurrency tokens in the next bull run. Here are the biggest reasons why it’s believed to be true.

It Offers Something for Everyone

Metacade offers a wide variety of games to choose from and gives gamers many different ways to play them. The team has made community-centric decisions from day one to ensure that everyone has something to enjoy in Metacade. This helps it to achieve widespread appeal that one-game projects often lack.

This is especially relevant for people who want to earn money online. Metacade offers so many different ways to do this that everyone is bound to find an opportunity that works for them.

Metagrants Will Attract Talented Developers

Metacade is also developing a funding program called Metagrants. This will help community members bring their GameFi visions to life so that the Metacade always has a steady supply of exciting new games to try.

Developers on the Metacade platform can create proposals for their next-level gaming titles and submit them to the gaming community, who in turn vote on which ideas they feel deserve funding. Winners of the competition receive financial support, as well as building a devoted following from the fans who voted for them.

This approach ensures only top-quality games enter the arcade, as well as enabling a deep level of community interaction which has not been seen in any other top cryptocurrency projects so far.

Metacade’s Growth is Just Starting

Projects like Sandbox have already become billion-dollar companies. It’s unrealistic to expect these to grow 10, 20, or 100x in the next market cycle.

But Metacade’s growth into a top cryptocurrency player is only getting started. It still has a low enough market cap to offer exceptional upside during the next bull run – especially if it catches on the way that many investors are starting to believe it will.

The project’s presale began by selling 125 MCADE for $1 at its start and will work its way toward 50 MCADE for $1 by the end, so the sooner you get involved the better.

It Could Become Web3’s Premier Job Board

Metacade would be promising enough if it was only targeting the Web3 gaming sphere, but it’s also establishing itself as a force to be reckoned with in the crypto job market.

The site will help to bring together the best and brightest GameFi developers, testers, and job-seekers with projects that need their talent to grow. This gives Metacade an extra vertical to attract new users that many projects lack.

Join Metacade

In terms of MCADE becoming a top cryptocurrency, the possibility is certainly realistic. As Metacade moves further along in its development, the approach being taken to combine community involvement within its play-to-earn arcade, as well as the platform’s push to become an inclusive, gaming development hub, stands as a testament to its overarching utility.

Virtually all top cryptocurrency coins and tokens have had utility at their core, and by Metacade further integrating itself with an exploding gaming industry and audience, the potential outcome for its success is extremely exciting.

Why not check out the Metacade yourself to judge the value it offers directly? You can do that today by visiting the Metacade website or you can take part in the presale if you’re ready to get involved now.

You can participate in the Metacade pre-sale here.