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WMPRO Launches Blockchain-Based EUCLEIA Social Referral Network

WMPRO is launching the EUCLEIA platform both as a blockchain-based professional network and as a standalone white-label service.

The new blockchain solution is designed for the word-of-mouth and referral marketing industry to add reliability, speed, security, and scalability. The next generation professional social network from WMPRO and its token offering incorporates a “certificator” and rating system certified by a smart contract, with a sector-specific e-commerce focus.

“WMPRO’s blockchain-based Eucleia platform will be a consistent stand-alone service that is being adopted in the industry by multiple companies thanks to white label solutions.”

The EUCLEIA platform is a distributed ledger built on the WMPRO blockchain that enables users access to a global certificator and rating system connecting word-of-mouth referrers and referral seekers, based on blockchain principles. This concept can be extended to any profession and market.

“WMPRO will partner with the most impacting companies in the industry, allowing anyone to benefit from the WMPRO blockchain innovation.”

The blockchain startup launches its ICO on July 20th, 2018 with a soft cap of 1,000 Eth and aims to have EUCLEIA fully functional three months after the token sale event finishes.

“The name EUCLEIA – is inspired by the Ancient Greece goddess of good reputation and glory.”  said Riccardo Vieri, Director of Wm International. He explains EUCLEIA will be free like other social platforms, but with premium services:

“Eucleia authenticates and WMPRO blockchain certifies users, according to the quality and quantity of the uploaded information. Each certification will generate a score that improves professional rating and can be exposed via a “WMPRO Certified” sticker on any social and website. It provides rewards and benefits to the most ranked users.”

A free account will allow unlimited friends and messages.

“Eucleia technology and our WMPRO services can significantly improve the existing social media concept and word-of-mouth industry and benefit not only companies but end users as well,” said Luana Sicari, Direct Sales Specialist at Wm International.

WMPRO seek to lever consumer and businesses move towards “word-of-mouth” referrals. Buyers are increasingly seeking real-world advice and referrals. WMPRO aim to offer verifiable referrals, rather than some of the fake information created for marketing purposes that can be found on the web.

“The indiscriminate use of social networks and the Internet has allowed the proliferation and diffusion of “unverified” or fake information on the real ethical-professional qualities of companies, operators and partners.” explains Sicari.

The WMPRO blockchain is built for companies and operators, as well as end users, “providing transparency, fighting fake news with a direct connection to information via smart contract and higher data transfer speed and reliability.”

EUCLEIA users will be able to spend WMPRO tokens on the sector-specific e-commerce platform purchasing professional products and services they may usually buy elsewhere including training courses, marketing products, and blockchain applications and services.

The WMPRO blockchain and token is a creation of Wm International Ltd, developers of secure, distributed blockchain private and business services. WMPRO will be a sponsor of the World Blockchain Summit in Singapore in July.

WMPRO team outline

Riccardo Vieri – Director

A serial technology entrepreneur, Vieri has led several billion dollar companies and been successful in obtaining over 20 technology patents. He draws inspiration from the principles of the Give Back Movement for his business activities.

Vladimir Nikitin – Blockchain and Cyber Security Advisor

Nikitin is an accomplished legal consultant, blockchain, and cryptocurrency specialist and co-founder of Top ICO Advisor.

The team also includes advisors Richard Shibi, Nicolay Shkilev, and Karen New.

Find out more about WMPRO’s token sale and read their whitepaper.

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