XBO partners with Chainalysis to integrate best-in-class compliance technology

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XBO partners with Chainalysis to integrate best-in-class compliance technology

By Daniela Kirova - min read

XBO.com, a digital asset exchange dedicated to making crypto accessible to investors of all experience levels, announced a partnership with Chainalysis to support anti-fraud measures, power its compliance program, and monitor risk. 

The collaboration will ensure that top-grade compliance technology is integrated into the solution right from the get-go, Coin Journal learned from a press release.  

Filling a new market niche 

XBO.com’s crypto exchange platform will fill a new niche. There is a growing demand for reliable and user-friendly trading, improving user experience by leveraging social gaming UX elements. 

The exchange aims to make transacting in digital assets simple for novice investors that are intimidated by traditional crypto exchanges. At the same time, experienced investors will find the platform meets their needs. 

Making crypto accessible to all

XBO’s vision of making crypto universally accessible fortifies the founders’ belief that attracting new investors to digital assets can empower and elevate all. 

The partnership with the leading data platform Chainalysis furthers the exchange’s commitment to forging trust in their soon-to-be-launched cryptocurrency services. 

XBO Chief Payment Officer Gilad Shalem said:

We are excited to partner with Chainalysis, the golden standard of cryptocurrency compliance and AML platforms. By using its AML capabilities, we could collaborate with top-tier financial institutions and payment service providers apart from providing security and assurance to our clients.

Sam Aued, Sales Director at Chainalysis, added:

We are honored to collaborate with XBO.com and enable their team to launch their cryptocurrency offerings with high regulatory compliance standards in place. XBO.com is built on transparency and trust, the same values we built Chainalysis on.

Adopting top monitoring and investigation tools 

XBO.com will adopt Chainalysis Reactor, an investigative tool that picks up on the suspicious activity and provides deeper due diligence, and KYT (Know Your Transaction). 

Chainalysis KYT performs real-time, continuous transaction monitoring for all digital assets to detect high-risk activity patterns.