You can now play Flappy Bird to earn Nano tokens

You can now play Flappy Bird to earn Nano tokens

By Benson Toti - min read

FlappyNano offers players the chance to win Nano coins for playing the game

There are multiple ways to earn cryptocurrency, but none as possibly as novel as earning it through playing Flappy Bird.

The massively hyped game that was a big hit back in 2014 has now returned in a new form. While it is not the original Flappy Bird, it does play in a similar way.  However, this version offers players the opportunity to win Nano.

The developer announced the project on the Nano subreddit.

“Hello everyone! I’m ecstatic to announce a project that I’ve spent many, many sleepless nights on. I present to you, FlappyNano!” the post read.

There are a few key differences between the Flappy Bird and the Flappy Nano. First, the iconic yellow pixel bird has been replaced by a blue-ghost creature instead.

The game also makes uses of multiplayer features that pit players against one another with the winner taking over 0.1 Nano. The player that achieves the highest score wins the pot.

To start playing, one person sends an invitation through an in-app link. After the challenge is accepted, a third-party QR code is produced that links to a holding wallet where players deposit their funds while the game is decided. Once both players have finished depositing, the game begins.

Currently, the game is only available through PC, laptop, and mobile. For a better playing experience, the developer recommends installing Natrium. This is a Nano-based wallet with connections to the app that helps make fund transfers more efficient.

Prior to this project, an EOS version of the game had been launched. Players in the top ranks earn EOS-based tokens and one free try was awarded every 12 hours. Users with the games FLB token can additionally earn dividends every 12 hours.

However, the game struggled with gaining traction and usage has flatlined. According to data compiled by DappRadar, the game reached a peak of 464 users per week after it was released in 2019. After that, there has been minimal activity on the platform.

According to the developer, FlappyNano was designed to showcase the advantages of using the Nano coin.

“I decided to make FlappyNano to showcase the strengths of Nano; its speed and fee-less nature. No other coin would have allowed for this level of UX. It is so quick and easy to play! Also, this game comes as an effort on my part to help create viral projects on top of Nano. I hope that you will play FlappyNano with your friends and show them how magical Nano can be!”

As of writing, the developer is known only by their Reddit username /theonlyalt2.