Crypto Contracts Review 2024 - Is It Legit or a Scam?

By Philip Hoey - Updated 24 May 2024
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A crypto trading robot that automates buying and selling, Crypto Contracts claims to be able to help novices and experts take advantage of the volatility of the crypto market to generate profits. According to the website, this is made possible through the use of artificial intelligence (AI) that analyses six different market metrics better and faster than humans can.

The robot purportedly has a “time leap” feature of 0.01 seconds, and this review will delve into whether Crypto Contracts lives up to its claims.

Who Created Crypto Contracts?

The Crypto Contracts website does not have any information on the creators and therefore it is not possible to verify who they are. On the other hand, high praise and generally good feedback from its users do point towards the creators knowing what they are doing.

At the same time, Crypto Contracts claims that it has a network of brokers that are used to place the actual orders. The creators state that only verified and regulated brokers are employed. This also adds to the legitimacy of the robot as these regulated platforms shouldn’t partner with shady firms.

Who Created Crypto Contracts?

Pros & Cons of Crypto Contracts?


  • Crypto and forex: Crypto Contracts allow users to trade in all major cryptos and even fiat currencies.
  • Practice trading: A demo account feature helps users test strategies and see what trading advantage can they achieve.
  • Payment methods: Crypto Contracts states it accepts all major cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover) and e-wallets.
  • 24-hour support: Customer service is said to be available around the clock.
  • Easy withdrawal: Users can withdraw their money within 24 hours.


  • No mobile app: Crypto Contracts has no dedicated mobile app.
  • Profits not guaranteed: Crypto trading volatility means users can also face substantial losses.
  • No telephone helpline: The only way to contact customer service is through a web form.

Key Features of Crypto Contracts


The Crypto Contracts system is reported to trade with an accuracy of up to 85% and provide up to eight times returns on investment. It also apparently has a payout feature which automatically calculates your profit and credits it to your Crypto Contracts account at the end of each trading session. The stated figures sound impressive but after looking into them, we believe it is unlikely that most users will achieve this level of performance.

Verification System

With only a name, email address, and contact number required, Crypto Contracts states that it simplifies the verification system and it only takes a few minutes. However, if there is any KYC or AML regulation that the partner brokers need to comply with, users will be asked to go through further verification.

Withdrawal Process

Withdrawals are said to be both easy and simple for Crypto Contracts users. A request has to be put in for every withdrawal and funds will be deposited to the user’s account within 24 hours.

Costs and Fees

The Crypto Contracts website repeatedly states that its services are free of cost and there is no sign-up or annual fee associated with its use. It also says that it does not charge any fees on deposits or withdrawals.

User Testimonials

The customer feedback presented on the website is favourable, not only pointing towards the legitimacy of the services but also hinting at the robot’s claims of high profitability.

Customer Service

Crypto Contracts says its customer service is available around the clock. There is also a dedicated web form that traders can use to contact the robot’s team.

Affiliated Brokers

As a robot, Crypto Contracts only analyses the market and doesn’t execute the trades directly. It claims to work with highly reputable brokers and platforms that do the actual trading. As regulated entities, they are a safer and more secure option than other trading platforms.

Is Crypto Contracts Legitimate?

Crypto Contracts has posted testimonials from its users on its website and the traders claim to be more than satisfied with its services. Apart from that, an online search shows that there are several good reviews of the platform. This adds to the appearance of legitimacy for the trading robot. There is very little negative feedback, and the low quantity doesn’t appear to be enough to raise red flags.

5 Reasons to Use Crypto Contracts

Novice and Expert Users

The trading robot says it is designed to offer an enhanced experience to both newcomers and veterans of crypto trading. The intuitive dashboard is said to be user friendly and at the same time can be used by experienced traders.

Round-the-clock Trading

Crypto Contracts is a robot and as such, it claims that its services are available 24 hours and even on holidays. Users only need to log in and see or adjust parameters for 20 minutes a day.

Time Leap Feature

The 0.01-second-faster reaction time is alleged to help people capture market movements early on. Faster than manual trading, this is what the robot says is its primary reason for success.

Easy Payments and Withdrawals

Crypto Contracts states that making deposits and withdrawals has been simplified. Deposits and withdrawals are also said to carry no charges.

Demo Account

New users who want to see the abilities of the robot can head over to the demo feature that lets them set parameters and see how the robot trades without committing any money.

What’s the Best Way to Use Crypto Contracts?

Though Crypto Contracts claims to offer a higher yield in crypto and forex trading than it is possible to achieve manually, this doesn’t mean that users have to simply deposit their money and leave the robot to it. There are a few things to consider that can maximise profitability.

Use Crypto Contracts to enhance your income, not as a primary means of income. While cryptocurrency trading can be profitable, it can also result in losses. Using it as a supplement means you don’t go bankrupt.

While trading robots may improve the trading of experienced traders, they can also benefit novices. You don’t need to learn to use complex CFD or exchange platforms yourself and you can also gain a better understanding of how trading works by watching how the robot does it.

Has Crypto Contracts Ever Appeared on TV?

Dragons’ Den

A very popular TV show where different people showcase their products and services in the hope of gaining backing, there have been rumours of the Crypto Contracts team presenting their robot to the investors. Unfortunately, there has never been a mention of the robot on the show.

Shark Tank

Another investor/entrepreneur hit TV show, Shark Tank has also been rumoured to have featured Crypto Contracts as one of the business ventures presented. To this date, Crypto Contracts and its team have not made any appearance or been mentioned on the show.

Has Crypto Contracts Ever Been Endorsed by a Celebrity?

Sir Richard Branson

The man behind the Virgin Group, Sir Richard Branson is a tech-savvy person who has invested in different industries including aerospace, entertainment, and tourism. He has shown interest in cryptocurrencies and many believe he has made a significant sum using Crypto Contracts. We have been unable to find any evidence of Branson ever saying he used the robot.

Elon Musk

A Dogecoin advocate, Elon Musk has made it no secret that he prefers using crypto. His undisclosed crypto investments are speculated to be made through Crypto Contracts. We researched extensively and have found that Musk has not used Crypto Contracts so far.

Tom Holland

The latest Spider-Man, Holland has made it big in Hollywood and many believe that he is investing his newfound wealth in cryptocurrencies to make millions, possibly with the aid of Crypto Contracts. This is, however, just a rumour.

Bill Gates

Creator of the Windows operating system, Bill Gates has talked about cryptocurrencies in the past and many people online have discussed the possibility that he uses the Crypto Contracts robot to make money from cryptocurrencies. However, there is no evidence for this and he has never acknowledged it.

5 Ways you can Maximise Success with Crypto Contracts

If you want to make the most out of your money while using Crypto Contracts, here are our five tips for you to bear in mind.

Start Small

Start with the minimum $250 that Crypto Contracts says you can invest. This will help you to see if the robot can actually help you make a profit or not. If it works for you, you can always invest more later on.

Save Some Profits

When you make profits, don’t immediately take it out to spend or reinvest. Set a bit aside for those trying times when you will need the money. You never know when you might need it.

Follow the Advice of Experts

Crypto Contracts’ claims of faster trading and better analytics may be good, but it will not be able to account for the human touch. Follow industry leaders to learn what is happening and where the market is moving. Incorporate that into your trading strategy.

Keep a Record for Tax Purposes

In the end, the government will ask for a slice of your profits through taxes, and keeping a detailed up-to-date record of all the profits and losses made will help you calculate how much you owe the government.

Only Invest you can Afford to Lose

Never put all your eggs in one basket. Only invest an amount that will not break your proverbial financial back. If you make a loss in crypto trading, you can always walk away and still have money this way.

Our Conclusion: Crypto Contracts

Crypto Contracts reportedly offers enhanced profits, claimed to be made possible through the combined use of AI for analytics and automation for trading. User feedback and testimonials on its own website and others reflect that at least some users are happy with its performance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are trading profits guaranteed?
While Crypto Contracts does say many people have made profits, there is always a chance of losses. The robot only claims to maximise the potential of profits.
If there is no mobile app, how can I access my account on the go?
While no mobile app is offered by Crypto Contracts, it does say that its services can be accessed through any web browser, even on mobile devices.
How can I contact the robot’s team to get more information?
Crypto Contracts has a dedicated web form that you can always use.
What cryptocurrencies does Crypto Contracts trade in?
Crypto Contracts claims all major coins are supported and hundreds of other ones, even including fiat pairs.
Disclaimer: All testimonial photos are stock imagery and do not represent the people behind the feedback.