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How to Buy Maidsafecoin (MAID) - A Beginner’s Guide

By - Updated 24 March 2023
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Maidsafecoin is one of the more idiosyncratic projects in the cryptocurrency industry. For one, it’s not a blockchain. For another, it has been around since the mid 2000’s, back when 50 Cent was the biggest name in hip-hop, “Barack Obama” was a weird-sounding name, and Amazon mostly sold used books. Since then, a great many things have happened in our world, but MaidSafe has remained resolute in its intention to do one thing: give the world a newer, better internet. 

MadeSafeCoin is the currency of this movement, and the token which will be used by the still-yet-to-come MadeSafe network scheduled to drop this year. In 2017, MadeSafeCoin was yet another success story, rising from less than $0.10 per Maidsafecoin to well over $1.00 USD. The currency is down somewhat from this towering height, but remains well above its days as a crypto penny stock. The question is, will the success of Maidsafecoin in 2018 be like that of 2017? We think there’s a good possibility!

5 Steps to Buy Maidsafecoin Instantly!


Visit our recommended platform to buy Maidsafecoin by clicking the button below.


Enter your details in the required fields to create a new account.


Fund your account using your preferred payment method and confirm your new balance.


Choose Maidsafecoin and select a "Instant/Market Order” to buy it instantly.


Enter the amount you want to buy (you’ll see the equivalent in MAID) and confirm your order!

Where to Buy Maidsafecoin

The Difference Between Trading and Buying

The ultimate beginner’s guide to trading Maidsafecoin

How Does MaidSafeCoin Work?

buy maidsafecoin with credit card

MaidSafeCoin is built around the word (or, rather, the acronym) SAFE. In this context, “SAFE” stands for “Secure Access for Everyone”. Begs the question, “secure access to what from what?” The answer: Security from the control and vulnerabilities of the big Internet Service Providers (ISPs) while using the free, open internet. The problem is, the “free, open internet” doesn’t exist, at least not the way the people at MaidSafeCoin see things. We live in an era where Net Neutrality might go out the window at any time, where consumer data hacks are a commonplace occurrence, and where all of our data are basically available to anyone who wants them badly enough. 

This major worldwide problem is what has led to good folks at Maidsafecoin to spend years’ of waking hours to creating a new, decentralized internet, made to use everyday consumer tech devices like smartphones as micro-servers, which will exist in great numbers all over the world, with no large, centralized server farms. This would mean that no one would own your data. Your data would exist (in fragmented form) pretty much everywhere, and nowhere at the same time. MaidSafeCoin also has big implications for cloud storage (kind of like Siacoin) and supercomputing for the everyman (kind of like Golem). There are those who say MaidSafeCoin is too ambitious, that every facet of their massive plans is covered by other crypto projects (like QLink for the decentralized internet space). On the other hand, if MaidSafeCoin is successful, they’ll secure their place in the upper echelon of the finest crypto projects worldwide.

Why Invest in MaidSafeCoin

If the Maidsafecoin ethos makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside, you’ll probably be happy to know that MaidSafeCoin has also been a boon for investors. The MaidSafeCoin price soared well over 1000% last year, and a recent correction indicates that there’s still meat left on the bone as investors talk of a new All Time High which may be approaching. MaidSafeCoin’s myriad use cases may also offer a compelling vision for new investors. If you’re interested in consumer-directed supercomputing, look no farther than Maidsafecoin. If you are a big fan of cloud storage and  its bright future, Maidsafecoin also has you covered. You may have even heard of this thing called the internet… The point is, Maidsafecoin seems to have its finger on the pulse of today’s technology, the problems therein, and the solutions which will make the Technology Revolution safer and more accessible to all. There are other projects trying to do the same thing, but with the team experience and low Maidsafecoin price, we think their chances are good.

How to Buy MaidSafeCoin on Poloniex, or another Exchange

Before you can buy Maidsafe coin on a Maidsafecoin exchange like Poloniex, you’ll have to buy some Bitcoins. In most places in the crypto world, the Maidsafecoin you see will be measured in how much Bitcoin it would cost to buy a single Maidsafecoin. A Maidsafecoin price is always available in USD as well, but because you can’t buy MaidSafeCoin with USD, this is not always helpful for trading. If you do not already have Bitcoin, go to Coinbase or eToro and buy some. In most cases, this will take a few days to arrive in your Coinbase or Gemini wallet, so give it time. Once you have Bitcoins that you can send to any destination of your choosing, you’ll be ready to move over to Poloniex, the Mainsafecoin exchange we’re using for this example. Create your account, respond to verification emails, and move on to the next step once your account is confirmed. Invest in smaller altcoins before price rises

How to Send Bitcoins to a wallet

Every cryptocurrency exchange has wallets that can hold coins of all the types supported on the site.

 maidsafecoin wallet 

Beside the “BTC” wallet, you’ll see options to “Deposit” and “Withdraw”. Because your Poloniex account doesn’t contain Bitcoins yet, you want to a deposit. Click “deposit”. This shows you your Poloniex Bitcoin wallet address. Take this to the wallet where you currently hold your Bitcoins. If you are on Coinbase, go to “Accounts” and select “Send” beside the Bitcoin wallet you see on this page. Paste your Poloniex Bitcoin address into the address line, and select how much Bitcoin you wish to send. Complete the transaction as indicated in the prompts. Your order will arrive in your Poloniex wallet after a few dozen confirmations (this will usually take at least 15 minutes). Once they are fully set in your Poloniex Bitcoin account, you can now buy MaidSafeCoin for real!

How to Trade Your Bitcoins for MaidSafeCoins on Poloniex

how to buy maidsafecoin   

Now that your Bitcoin has arrived in your Poloniex Bitcoin wallet, click on the “Exchange” tab at the upper left hand corner of the Poloniex homepage. This will navigate you to the main Poloniex exchange interface, where you can trade your Bitcoins for dozens of other cryptocurrencies. To narrow on on the coin you want, type “MAID” for MaidSafeCoin into the search bar on the right side of the screen, as shown in the image above. Click on the resulting trading pair: “BTC/MAID”. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see several buying and selling options. Let’s go with “BUY MAID”, which will sell you MaidSafeCoins at the current MaidSafeCoin price. You can also choose to buy Maidsafecoin with a stop-limit order, which will only be completed if the price hits a price of your choosing which is lower than the current market rate. Now all you have to do is make sure the current market price is what you want to pay (it should be filled in for you). 

Then select how many coins you want to buy (you can just buy the maximum amount allowed with your current supply of Bitcoin if you want). Now just hit “Buy” and Poloniex will try to fill your MaidSafeCoin order. If there is a seller who is willing to match your price, your order will be filled in seconds. If the market price rises just as you’re making your order, you may have to wait for a few minutes for the price to fall again. Worst case scenario: the price goes up just as you make your order and never comes down again! This option is unlikely so be patient once you’ve made your order and it will hopefully be completed very soon.

How to Move Coins from exchange to a Personal MaidSafeCoin wallet

Now that your order is filled, your MaidSafeCoin is stored on your Poloniex MaidSafeCoin wallet. However, we should never trust exchanges with our money because servers crash and hacks occur. By moving your coins to a wallet which you control, you will allay much or all of this risk. Your coins would probably be safe on Poloniex if you didn’t move them, but let’s not leave this to chance. Go back to the OmniWallet you created earlier in this guide. Inside, you’ll find your personal address. 

It looks like a Bitcoin address, and it is, but it’s also an address which accepts MaidSafeCoin and other coins supported by OmniWallet (hence, the “Omni”). Copy this address. Go back to your MaidSafeWallet on Poloniex. Click “Withdraw” and paste your external OmniWallet address into the address bar. Select that you wish to send all of your MaidSafeCoins and hit “Withdraw” (if you’ve carefully checked that the address is correct). In a few minutes, your coins will arrive.

Final Thoughts on MaidSafeCoin

There are no sure things in crypto, but MaidSafeCoin has the unique advantage of a decade of experience and establishment beyond nearly all other crypto projects…including Bitcoin itself! MaidSafeCoin’s ambitions are immense, but there is tremendous energy in the space to solve the problems on which it has staked its reputation. If MaidSafeCoin can nail either cloud storage, decentralized web, or personal supercomputing, they’ll have success. If they achieve some or all…the MaidSafeCoin will, shall we say, rise. Even if you aren’t interested in any of that.

MaidSafeCoin still gives you a way to monetize computer time, and for investors to make money on hype cycles. We happen to believe in what MaidSafeCoin stands for. We believe in a free and open internet. We believe in Safe Access For Everyone. The Maidsafecoin team has the knowledge, skill, and first mover advantage which we think will take them ever closer to their goals, and the MaidSafeCoin price ever higher in the cryptocurrency market cap rankings. We wish you good luck in buying and investing in MaidSafeCoin. Now may be the last time to take advantage of a Maidsafecoin price like the one we’re currently seeing!

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