12 of the Best Best Cheap Cryptos to Buy Now – Low Price, High Potential

12 of the Best Best Cheap Cryptos to Buy Now – Low Price, High Potential

By Alice Davies - min read
Updated 27 June 2023

Every investor knows that finding the lowest-price crypto coins from a value perspective is key to delivering massive returns on investment. Finding promising projects can be easier said than done, and so it’s worth taking the time to understand which projects are the ones that analysts believe are set to skyrocket ahead of putting in hard-earned cash to start investing.

What are the top cheap cryptos to buy for big gains in 2023?

There are enough cheap cryptocurrencies and so many quality projects across the Web3 revolution that the strongest choice for those cryptos considered to be great investments spans a number of different sectors. Here is a list of the best cheap crypto projects to help identify where the best returns might be found:

  1. Chancer (CHANCER)
  2. Shiba Memu (SHIBA MEMU)
  3. AltSignals (ASI)
  4. Metacade (MCADE)
  5. Dogecoin (DOGE)
  6. Filecoin (FIL)
  7. Chainlink (LINK)
  8. Uniswap (UNI)
  9. Luna Classic (LUNC)
  10. Cardano (ADA)
  11. The Sandbox (SAND) 
  12. Ripple (XRP)

1. Chancer (CHANCER) — Disrupting the betting industry

What is Chancer?

Chancer is the world’s first blockchain-powered decentralized predictive markets app. The brainchild of brothers Adam and Paul Kelbie, Chancer aims to completely revolutionize the betting industry by putting the power in the hands of the people. Traditionally, bookmakers and betting houses always skew the odds in their favor at the expense of bettors. That’s where Chancer is different. This betting platform allows bettors to create their own markets with their own odds. Bets can range from small ones amongst friends, to viral bets on global-scale events such as the Superbowl or the Oscars; bets are not limited solely to sports.

All bets are made and paid in CHANCER, the platform’s native token. This gives it great utility, and is a reason why many experts and savvy investors have been eagerly anticipating Chancer’s presale, which is now live. Users can also earn CHANCER tokens by simply engaging with the platform and placing bets, or by becoming an independent node moderator.

This ambitious project is aiming to raise £15m during its presale event and, with its disruptive and unique technology and proposition, could very well surpass that.

Why should you invest in Chancer?

The gambling and betting industry was worth well over $60 billion in 2022 alone and looks set to gain traction year on year. Chancer has a golden opportunity and the right technology to disrupt this industry massively and could therefore grow astronomically, particularly as it levels the playing field for all bettors. Experts predict that Chancer will greatly disrupt the traditional betting market. This, coupled with the fact that CHANCER is a crypto with great utility, has led many to believe that Chancer could be one of the best cryptos to invest in this year.

>>> You can find more information, including how to buy Chancer here <<<

2. Shiba Memu — A meme coin with real utility

What is Shiba Memu?

Shiba Memu is a brand new meme coin that aims to challenge the way marketers do their job. By harnessing the power of blockchain and AI technology, Shiba Memu’s platform will automate some marketing functions, generating content and constantly learning what works and what doesn’t. It aims to do the work of 100 marketing agencies alone! This means that marketers can focus on other areas of growth whilst Shiba Memu takes on typically time-consuming tasks.

Shiba Memu learns from successful marketing strategies, writes its own PR and promotes itself across relevant forums and social networks. It will be able to generate content based on the data that its AI continually analyzes, publishing this on several online platforms. It will then monitor and analyze the success of its marketing efforts and adjust them accordingly, constantly learning and improving content in order to optimize results. Machine learning enables Shiba Memu to personalize marketing messages according to audience, enhancing engagement and conversions.

Why should you invest in Shiba Memu?

The meme coin market size in 2022 was $20 billion and is only set to increase this year, so investing in meme coins can reap rewards. However, most meme coins rely on an initial hype that dies down quickly, thus only short-term profits can be made, although many investors don’t cash out on time and therefore lose money. This is where Shiba Memu stands out from the crowd. Unlike most meme coins available, Shiba Memu has inherent value and utility, making it a long-term investment prospect — something that should capture the attention of meme fans and crypto enthusiasts who want to diversify their portfolio and make gains.

>>> You can find more information, including how to buy Shiba Memu here <<<

3. AltSignals – The best trading signal provider out there

What is AltSignals?

AltSignals is an incredible cryptocurrency project that already boasts 50,000 users and provides top-quality trading signals using its AltAlgo™technology. Despite having already delivered 1,500 signals with a phenomenal 64% success rate, the team is pushing for even more by building the AI-powered ActualizeAI product. 

The ASI token will grant access to ActualizeAI, and also allows holders to benefit from joining the ActualizeAI Club, an open network where further rewards will be available for contributions to product development.

Leveraging cutting-edge machine learning methodologies, including natural language processing (NLP), sentiment analysis and reinforcement learning, the project could be destined for big things over the coming years.

Why you should buy AltSignals?

Trading signals are increasingly popular as more and more users catch on to the opportunities available across markets such as crypto, given the volatility they experience. As a result, AltSignals looks primed to capitalize on this through the innovation of the ActualizeAI product.

Given the huge advantage that a community of existing users gives AltSignals, it’s no surprise that investors have been hotly anticipating the ASI presale event, and if the amount of early interest is anything to go by, then we could see the presale sell out very quickly.

>>> You can find more information, including how to buy AltSignals here <<<

4. Metacade (MCADE) – Revolutionizing the world of gaming

What is Metacade?

Metacade is an innovative new project that is attracting a huge amount of attention across investor groups following the recent release of the project’s ambitious and far-reaching whitepaper. 

Metacade is constructing the largest play-to-earn (P2E) arcade on the planet and, in doing so, appears set to capitalize on the huge growth predicted for the burgeoning GameFi space. The arcade caters to a huge range of different play styles, meaning that whether gamers prefer casual gameplay or more competitive gaming, Metacade has them covered.

With the platform offering rewards even for non-gaming activities like writing game reviews and sharing alpha which improve the overall user experience, the cryptocurrency project looks likely to drive incredibly high user growth and retention numbers. With the project’s utility token, MCADE, critical to the use of the ecosystem, this user growth could provide a huge level of buying pressure on the MCADE token as releases go live.

Why should you invest in Metacade?

MCADE serves as the native token and currency of the Metacade platform and also powers the extensive rewards system. The token has also been designed to be very investor-friendly, with a supply of just 2 billion tokens and staking options available to allow long-term holders to earn a passive income in exchange for their staking. 

Another feature of Metacade that has been incredibly well received is Metagrants, which allows game developers of all sizes to pitch their game ideas to the Metacade community. MCADE holders are then able to use the governance rights afforded to them through the token to vote on which projects they believe deserve funding from the Metacade treasury.

MCADE is a compelling investment choice as a result of both the innovative design choices and the budding sector waiting for growth. With a bright future ahead, Metacade is one of the most highly regarded cheap crypto projects out there right now.

>>> You can find more information, including how to buy Metacade here <<<

5. Dogecoin – The original meme coin

What is Dogecoin?

Dogecoin is the very first meme coin, but the journey the project has been on shows that it is one cheap meme crypto that is no joke. The project was created as a more accessible alternative to Bitcoin and considers itself to be a viable option as an alternative to the standard global payment infrastructure we use today. 

The blockchain’s transaction history shows an extensive history of use, and in late 2022 Dogecoin was reported as the fourth most popular crypto project for payments on BitPay. With low transaction costs and a very supportive and helpful community, the project has put itself in a strong position as a fun alternative to more serious and mainstream projects.

Dogecoin has been one of the cheapest crypto projects out there for many years, and while the price is much higher than back at the point of launch, it remains among the cheapest crypto choices when taking into consideration the huge name recognition the project holds.

Why you should buy Dogecoin?

Dogecoin continues to surprise almost everyone as a cryptocurrency project that continues to build momentum despite having been around for a long time. The project could see technical advances open up even more use cases for the token, with many interoperability solutions meaning the smart contracts on Dogecoin could be here before we know it.

With so much potential for future development and such an incredibly passionate and positive community around the project, it gives Dogecoin every chance of posting big gains over the next few years and finally making it past the $1 barrier, even if it is no longer one of the lowest price crypto coins.

6. Filecoin – The storage layer of the decentralized internet

What is Filecoin?

Filecoin is a decentralized storage network that allows users to store, retrieve and share data securely and efficiently. It is built on top of blockchain technology and uses the native cryptocurrency FIL to enable it to provide a more secure and transparent way to store data.

One of the key elements of Filecoin is the creation of a marketplace where users can buy and sell storage space, and in this marketplace, storage providers can offer their unused storage space to anyone who needs it, while users can pay to store their data on this network and this creates a distributed network of storage providers that can securely store data in a fully decentralized way.

Filecoin is among a growing subset of cryptocurrency projects that many consider to be an important part of the future of the web, focusing on the infrastructure layer that could take over from centralized cloud solutions that we rely on today. 

Filecoin uses a system of economic incentives to ensure that storage providers behave honestly and store data correctly , with providers required to submit storage proofs to demonstrate that they are storing the data correctly and to earn FIL rewards for their service. If a provider is found to be misbehaving or storing data incorrectly, they will be penalized and lose their rewards in a process known as slashing.

Why you should buy Filecoin?

Filecoin is a project which has the potential to underpin the future storage layer of the decentralized internet. If it is able to capture a significant portion of the established cloud storage market, there is no doubt that the price of FIL is likely to skyrocket as a result.

Filecoin is considered one of the best cheap crypto projects out there given its potential, and while it’s unlikely that big tech will give up the dominance they enjoy over the storage market without a fight, the chance that Filecoin has to usurp some of their control makes it an interesting crypto to invest in.

7. Chainlink – Bringing off-chain data to smart contracts

What is Chainlink?

Chainlink is a crypto project that uses its native token LINK to facilitate a series of economic incentives that allow for trustless data retrieval via the Chainlink decentralized oracle network (DON) — solving what is known as the oracle problem. Chainlink runs on the Ethereum network but is actually chain-agnostic, and allows smart contracts to access data that is not stored on the blockchain.

The need for data in this way is so widespread that Chainlink boasts a huge amount of partnerships, and far more than anyone else in the crypto space. The project is already used heavily across many successful projects, from decentralized exchanges to DeFi lenders, and a growing number of decentralized applications are leveraging the technology.

Chainlink has long been considered among the best crypto to invest in, and while the market cap of the cryptocurrency project is now relatively high, it could still see significant growth over the coming years as the usage of digital assets grows. 

Why you should buy Chainlink?

Chainlink uses the LINK token heavily and this means that as the adoption of Chainlink continues to grow, so too does the buying pressure on the LINK token. The project has also seen a trial with the payments giant Swift, and if Chainlink were to be part of the global financial networks of the near future, then it could mean astronomical returns for those LINK holders who were able to get in early enough.

Whether or not the LINK token is a stronger crypto to invest in than other projects like fan tokens and other penny cryptocurrency projects out there remains to be seen, but Chainlink remains one to watch as the space grows. 

8. Uniswap – An exchange without the middleman

What is Uniswap?

Perhaps one of the most innovative uses of Web 3.0 technology is the rise of decentralized apps, and none more so than the decentralized exchange, which uses an innovative set of smart contracts to enable its users to trade cryptocurrencies without the need for an intermediary such as a centralized exchange.

Uniswap operates on an automated market maker (AMM) model, which uses a mathematical algorithm to determine the price of tokens on the exchange and is the leader of the decentralized exchange space right now. The price of a token is based on the ratio of the token’s supply to the total value of the other tokens in the exchange’s liquidity pool, which means that as the supply of a token on the exchange changes, the price will adjust automatically based on the algorithm.

Users can provide liquidity to Uniswap by depositing two types of tokens into a liquidity pool and in exchange for providing liquidity, users earn a portion of the trading fees generated by the exchange. This incentivizes users to add liquidity to the exchange, which in turn improves the liquidity of the cryptocurrency market for all other users.

Uniswap has played a key role in enabling the trading of new and emerging cryptocurrencies that are not yet listed on traditional exchanges and has also become a popular platform for decentralized finance (DeFi) applications to integrate as a result.

Why you should buy Uniswap?

Uniswap is the most prominent decentralized exchange in the world, and given that it is built on the Ethereum network, it maintains a strong addressable market. As more digital assets go live and integrate with Ethereum, the scope of Uniswap’s role in the ecosystem increases, meaning that there could be a huge surge of users as TradFi starts to get involved in the space.

The crypto market is unpredictable, but Uniswap is a crypto asset that plays a vital role in providing an alternative to centralized exchanges. This means that it stands a good chance of holding its own against mainstream crypto exchanges, and so could prove to be a blockchain platform with a very bright future ahead of it.

9. Luna Classic – Can the old project come back to life?

What is Luna Classic?

Luna Classic is a cryptocurrency that is the original version of the Luna project, which collapsed spectacularly following the depegging of the project’s algorithmic stablecoin, UST. This led to a hard fork similar to that experienced by Ethereum back in 2016.

The hyper-inflationary spiral that LUNC experienced prior to the hard fork means that there are now a mind-blowing seven trillion tokens in the supply, but this hasn’t stopped a dedicated community of followers backing the project to make a triumphant return over the coming years.

Whether or not the project is able to do this will depend, as with many other projects, on the use cases that can be brought to life by the development beyond its ability to run predictably with LUNC being used to validate transactions. A promising first step, though, is a recently accepted proposal to repeg the project to USTC, which would require a huge burn of tokens in the process.

This could also provoke regulatory issues with the SEC, especially in light of existing concerns raised by the department following the fireworks of the collapse.

Why you should buy Luna Classic?

Luna Classic is an interesting investment because it could prove its doubters wrong and return to its former glory over time. The project’s market capitalization is down 90% from the highs in saw pre-collapse in 2022, and so if it is able to somehow climb back up to those levels, it could represent a great opportunity for investors. 

LUNC is one of the most popular penny cryptocurrency projects, given its name recognition and ambitious plans for resurrection, but only time will tell if the project and its community have what it takes to achieve the impossible and return LUNC to its former glory and beyond the very small projects using the chain, like fan tokens.

10. Cardano – A peer-reviewed blockchain 

What is Cardano?

Cardano is a blockchain platform that was created by Charles Hoskinson, a co-founder of Ethereum. It was designed to be a more advanced and secure blockchain than previous iterations by focusing on research and academic rigor in its development, and no new research is implemented into the platform before it has been peer-reviewed.

Cardano uses a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism to validate transactions, and this can also allow for more decentralized control over the network, as it reduces the concentration of power in the hands of a few large miners.

Another important aspect of Cardano is its use of a layered architecture, which allows for greater flexibility and scalability. The platform is built on two layers: the Cardano Settlement Layer (CSL) and the Cardano Computation Layer (CCL). The CSL is responsible for processing transactions and maintaining the distributed ledger technology, while the CCL is used for running smart contracts and decentralized applications.

Why you should buy Cardano?

Cardano has built up a very passionate community over time and, as a result, is one of the most active layer-1 protocols as far as developer activity goes, with projects ranging from DeFi to fan tokens. This is important because as more and more projects get built on the platform, so too does the chance of a step-change in transaction volume which would push the price of the ADA token higher.

While ADA is a popular cryptocurrency to invest in and available on most crypto exchanges, its market cap is already relatively high, so its returns could be more modest that some of the projects in an earlier stage of development.

11. The Sandbox – Letting users monetize user-generated assets 

What is The Sandbox?

The Sandbox is built on the Ethereum blockchain and provides its users with a metaverse and gaming ecosystem that lets users create and monetize in-world assets. The project was created by Pixowl and puts ownership in the hands of users — with all user-generated content belonging to the user via the wonder of NFT technology.

The Sandbox provides tools in order to help users make the most of the ecosystem, with VoXEdit allowing for the creation of 3D assets and Game Maker allowing for 3D games to be created. All user-owned elements have the ability to be traded on the built-in secondary market known as The Sandboxs Marketplace.

The Sandbox uses the SAND token as its currency and also features the virtual real estate LAND token, allowing users to rent out and improve their land parcels. The Sandbox has seen strong performance in the cryptocurrency markets, with it among the top metaverse games out at the moment.

Why you should buy The Sandbox?

The Sandbox is an innovative project that really explores the boundaries of what is possible with a single experience metaverse. If the project is able to continue to build momentum and tap into the huge traditional gaming market, then it could see the demand for SAND increase significantly over 2023 and beyond. 

12. Ripple – The future of cross-border payments?

What is Ripple?

Ripple is now as famous in crypto circles for their ongoing battle with the SEC as they are for its innovative use of XRP to facilitate seamless cross-border payments, but the company has been focused since its founding in 2012 on developing blockchain-based solutions for financial institutions.

One of Ripple’s main products is the RippleNet, which is a global payments network that enables financial institutions to send and receive payments in different currencies quickly, securely, and at low cost, which has led many in the space to believe that RippleNet could be the future of more efficient international payments.

XRP is the digital currency that is used by the RippleNet network to facilitate cross-border payments by providing liquidity on the network and is also used as a bridge currency to facilitate instant payments and the exchange of different currencies. This means that when a financial institution wants to make a cross-border payment using RippleNet, they can convert their local currency to XRP and then convert the XRP into the destination currency — a process that is faster, cheaper, and more efficient than traditional cross-border payment methods.

Why you should buy Ripple?

Many believe that the epic lawsuit regarding unregistered securities trading with the SEC is nearing a conclusion, and should the cryptocurrency platform get the positive result that the Ripple team is said to be confident of, then it could see a huge rise in the market cap of XRP, and likely the rest of the crypto market too.

XRP is one of the oldest digital assets, and while it doesn’t have as big a share of the crypto market as it once did, it remains a big player. This means that although the price of XRP is relatively low, the market capitalization is a lot higher than most other projects, and so while it could see speculative investors see big returns, they are likely to be smaller than those across projects with a smaller total market capitalization figure.

Conclusion – What is the Best Cheap Crypto to Buy Right Now?

There’s no question that while there are many projects that have the potential to produce big gains, Chancer is considered to be at the top of the most promising projects out there right now. The crypto world is set for massive expansion over the coming years, and Chancer looks set to take full advantage of this with a compelling high potential project. 

Related Crypto FAQs

Should I buy penny cryptos to build a diverse portfolio?

Penny cryptocurrency investments can seem like an appealing choice for big gains, but the more important consideration is the market cap of the project, as this is the key factor in the returns that come back. Many investors will look to balance a crypto portfolio with a selection of penny crypto assets in order to provide exposure to certain markets, but there are a number of different factors at play, and investors should always research projects a great deal to understand the risks and opportunities.

What are Web 3.0 Crypto Coins?

Web 3.0 crypto coins refer to the crypto assets that are used in some way to help provide the foundational layer of the next generation of the web. This focuses on security and privacy through decentralization and features a whole ecosystem of decentralized applications and decentralized exchanges.

This new layer of the internet means big changes for finance, as Web 3.0 facilitates global transactions through different payment networks without the requirement for the current level of centralization.

Which crypto will boom in 2023?

It’s impossible to tell for sure which projects will explode in 2023, however, there are a number of the most promising crypto projects, such as Chancer, which would be considered a smart crypto to invest in given the high potential and low token prices during the presale stage. 

Which cheap cryptocurrency is best to buy now?

A token’s price is a key factor in determining its overall value and whether to keep it in your crypto wallet, and while there are a number of strong projects that could be considered the best cheap cryptocurrency out there, Chancer and Shiba Memu are both strong candidates given the incredible utility they provide in growing sectors — especially as they are among the cheapest cryptocurrency projects right now.

What is the cheapest meme crypto?

Dogecoin is a meme coin that remains one of the best cheap crypto projects out there. It has proven time and again that it can produce big gains against all odds, and if the project continues to push itself as a viable choice for payments on its own payment network and create more utility, it could prove to be a big win for speculative crypto investors, even more so than many penny cryptocurrency projects.