AltSignals Promises Low Risk and High Rewards for Its New ASI Token Presale. Is It Too Good To Be True?

AltSignals Promises Low Risk and High Rewards for Its New ASI Token Presale. Is It Too Good To Be True?

By John Butterworth - min read

A recent presale deemed low risk and potential high reward by many has caught the eye of crypto investors across the globe. The AltSignals ASI presale is now underway, and in this article, you’ll find out what AltSignals is, why investors are getting excited about the ASI token, and whether its promise of low risk and high reward is too good to be true.

What is AltSignals?

AltSignals is one of the market’s oldest and most well-respected crypto signal providers. Launched in 2017, the platform offers high-quality signals for the crypto, forex, and stock markets, generated by its world-beating AltAlgo™ algorithm and dedicated team of trading professionals. 

Since its inception, AltSignals has issued over 1,500 calls and attracted 50,000+ members to its free Telegram channel, leading to a 4.9/5 star rating on Trustpilot and nearly 500 positive reviews. Its philosophy is simple: produce low-risk, premium signals using a proprietary strategy combined with manual fundamental analysis. 

AltSignals’ results have been nothing but remarkable. The accuracy across the 1,500 signals sent out is 64%, demonstrating the consistency in AltSignals’ strategy. 

AltSignals works on a subscription basis, where users can try a low-risk monthly membership or even purchase access to the AltAlgo indicator for their own use. However, AltSignals has much bigger things in the works: the ASI token presale and ActualizeAI algorithm. 

Introducing the ASI Token

The ASI token is at the heart of AltSignals’ push to revolutionize the trading industry. It’ll offer holders exclusive access to the ActualizeAI algorithm, which will revamp the entire AltAlgo™ system to incorporate cutting-edge AI technology.

For example, AltSignals plans to use machine learning to help the algorithm learn about the markets and analyze historical data. Meanwhile, it’ll use sentiment analysis to make informed decisions about which assets are about to explode. 

Holding ASI tokens will unlock a range of benefits for traders, including entry into the private AI Members Club. Here, members can earn ASI tokens for testing and providing feedback on the latest updates to the ActualizeAI algorithm. Members can accumulate these tokens to gain access to more advanced features of the AltSignals AI ecosystem, gain rank in their membership, hold them, or even trade tokens for fiat.

ASI token holders can also take part in regular trading tournaments to put their skills to the test, with exciting prizes and community recognition up for grabs. 

Lastly, AltSignals is committed to fostering its already-strong community. That’s why it’ll allow ASI token holders to propose and vote on changes made to the platform and its products, with the aim of being governed solely by the community. 

Is the Promise of Low Risk and High Rewards Too Good To Be True?

As with investment that promises low risk and high rewards, it’s always wise to be skeptical. In the case of AltSignals, part of the guesswork is removed by simply examining the platform’s track record. Unlike most crypto presales, AltSignals has already proven its business model to be a success, which translates to potentially lower risk.  

Moreover, AltSignals has demonstrated that it can generate high rewards through its existing signals. The new ActualizeAI algorithm is not only expected to boost these rewards further, but lead to a flood of investors picking up ASI tokens to get their hands on the algorithm’s signals. In this sense, the ASI token seems likely to offer high rewards to investors, especially those that get involved early on.  

Final Thoughts

With the presale just getting underway, AltSignals’ ASI token seems like an ideal low-risk, high-reward opportunity – at least compared to other crypto presales. If you think so too, then you may want to consider jumping on board during the first phase of presale before tokens sell out and the price increases.

Right now, ASI is selling for $0.012 per token, which many analysts consider exceptionally undervalued, given the potential for AltSignals to revolutionize the trading signals industry. Take note: you won’t want to miss out on this one. 

You can participate in the AltSignals presale here.