ApeCoin growth slowing down, could this be the end? Best places to buy ApeCoin

ApeCoin growth slowing down, could this be the end? Best places to buy ApeCoin

By Daniela Kirova - min read

Its growth may have started to decelerate, but it has far from vanished. What’s more, it’s out of the ascending triangle and is approaching $15 per APE.   

If you want more details about ApeCoin and would like to know the best places to buy ApeCoin, we’re glad you found our post.

Top places to buy ApeCoin now


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What is ApeCoin?

ApeCoin is an ERC-20 governance and utility token whose holders are self-governed via a framework controlling the ApeCoin DAO. The APE Foundation manages proposals they agree on.

The foundation received a unique NFT as a present from Yuga Labs, who created the famed BAYC series, along with all rights and privileges to it. Again, it’s ApeCoin DAO members who decide how to use this intellectual property.

There are 1 billion APE tokens in circulation in total. This supply is minted all at once and permanently fixed.

Just under a third was put in circulation on March 17 this year, the day ApeCoin launched. Their number will increase gradually over a 48-month period at regular intervals.

Should I buy ApeCoin today?

ApeCoin can definitely be worth investing in if your timing is right. Unfortunately, this is often impossible to know in advance. Any investment decision should take your risk tolerance into account. Don’t take any price predictions at face value.

ApeCoin price prediction

Crypto Academy sees ApeCoin trading in the range of $50-$60 by the end of this year. They predict it can reach an all-time high of $80 in 2022. If their prediction is correct, this is far from the end for APE!

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