Best Sites To Buy PC Games With Bitcoin On The Cheap

Best Sites To Buy PC Games With Bitcoin On The Cheap

By Onose Enaholo - min read
Updated 26 January 2023

[This article is outdated. We have an updated article for 2018. We recommend that you use that to find the best place to buy PC games with bitcoin.]

Gabe Newell still stubbornly refuses to accept cryptocurrency, so until he does, we have to find alternative methods of buying games with Bitcoin. Buying Steam cards is always an option, but what other options are out there, what exists for the frugal gamer? Indie Game Stand started accepting Bitcoin earlier this week, thanks to integration with Stripe. So what else is out there?

We thought now would be an ideal time to list the five best PC game shops that allow you to buy games with Bitcoin and four sites you should demand start. First, here’s how to buy bitcoin.

(5) Daily Indie Game

Daily Indie Game might not be as well known as Green Man Gaming or Humble Bundle, but it is a valuable resource for bargain hunting gamers. The bundles are true pay what you want, without a pay floor, there are usually several bundles going on at once. My first bitcoin purchase never went through and I had to email support. Subsequent purchases took a bit of time, but eventually appeared in my account. If you have similar issues, email is your friend.

(4) Indie Game Stand

As previously mentioned, Indie Game Stand just started accepting Bitcoin yesterday. The store, bundle hybrid site has a lot of games that haven’t made it onto steam yet, and nearly all of them come DRM free. They also have a subscription plan and a daily bundle deal. Payments are done through Stripe so it is a little hard to find at the moment. Simply click the “Credit Card” button and then you’ll see the familiar Stripe checkout, simply click the Bitcoin button proceed.

(3) Green Man Gaming

Green Man Gaming offers discounts on a wide variety of games and just recently began accepting bitcoin. What really makes GMG special is its Early Access section, invaluable to indie game bargain hunters . Early Access games certainly aren’t for everyone, but those that do enjoy them don’t have many options when it comes to Bitcoin, outside of buying a steam wallet code. Green Man Gaming’s recent acceptance of Bitcoin opened up the experimental marketplace to bitcoin spending gamers.

Green Man Gaming doesn’t only have indie games. The site has a catalog of over 5000 games and has more than 350 publishing sponsors, making it not just one of the best sites for indie gamers, but PC gamers in general.

(2) Groupees

Groupees doesn’t just offer games, they sometimes have bundles on electronic music as well. They often have four or five bundles going at once that have variable recommended and minimum pay amounts based on what games your choose. They also run unique bundles like the GreenLight bundles where customers pay a certain amount based on what they think of the games in the bundle, and then receive the games that get greenlit on Steam. Groupees is a unique site that often offers up unique games.

(1) Humble Bundle

Was there ever any doubt? No budget gaming list, much less bitcoin budget list, would be complete without the Humble Bundle. A long time supporter of Bitcoin, the Humble Bundle remains one of the best ways to get your gaming on for cheap. That you can decide exactly how you purchase is split up among the developers, supported charities and Humble Bundle itself, is a really nice touch.

There are multiple bundles going on at once, flash bundles, weekly bundles, mobile bundles, comic book bundles, and a store with discounts over Steam prices. While they aren’t always indie games, there does tend to be a higher level of standards with the Humble Bundle than with the other bundle sites.

There is a reason Humble Bundle is the number one name in gaming bundles: quality rises to the top.

As promised, here is a list of PC gaming sites that really should accept bitcoin, but don’t yet. You can find them and the best way to harass contact them below and if you know of any other ways to buy game with Bitcoin, let us know via the contact form

BundleStars: Contact | Facebook | @BundleStars

IndieRoyale: Contact | Facebook | @IndieRoyale

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