Growing Employment Figures in the Blockchain Industry

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Growing Employment Figures in the Blockchain Industry

By Benson Toti - min read
Updated 21 March 2023

Research has shown how the blockchain industry has grown in the last few years. In particular, a new survey gives details of how many people are now employed by the biggest companies in this area.

The blockchain industry continues to grow
Image courtesy of Shutterstock

Details of the Survey

The survey was carried out by The Block. They looked at 158 companies in different parts of the crypto industry.  It was revealed that 42% of all employees work in one of the cryptocurrency exchanges. This gives a total of 7,700 employees across 30 exchanges.

Next in the list comes the mining industry. The firms that produce mining equipment account for 11% of the total employment figures in the blockchain world.

After that, 1 out of every 10 blockchain employees has a job in one of the cryptocurrency foundations. These include the likes of Ripple, the Tron network and IOHK.

Overall, they found that there are now 50 blockchain companies with more than 100 employees. It is worth bearing in mind that 11 companies in this industry are currently said to be worth more than $1 billion.

What Are the Companies with Most Employees?

The biggest employer out of those analysed is Bitmain, with 1,500 workers. After this, Huobi and Coinbase employ 1,300 and 1,000 people, respectively. OKEx has around 950 employees.

Another big number comes from the Binance exchange, with 650 workers on their payroll. Ripple currently employs about 450 people.

How Good Are These Companies to Work for?

A number of other studies have looked at how good the top blockchain firms are to work for. LinkedIn’s index of the 50 hottest US companies to work for has Ripple and Coinbase both sitting in the top 30.

Earlier this year, it was reported that 91% of Ripple (XRP) employees called it a great place to work. This led to it being named by research firm Good Place to Work (GPTW) as one of the best places to work in the San Francisco Bay Area. 95% of their workers also said they are proud to tell others that they work there.

What Does This Mean for the Future?

The rise in the number of people looking to learn blockchain industry skills shows how important this area is seen to be. In addition, blockchain skills were recently named by LinkedIn as being in the top 10 most important skills for Asia Pacific workers.

It is likely that the number of people working in this industry will continue to grow in the near future. This means that we will see an increasing level of demand for the training that lets people get started with their ideal blockchain career.