Cardano growth could spark fresh rally; $GFOX nears $4 million

Cardano growth could spark fresh rally; $GFOX nears $4 million

By News Team - min read

Cardano is on a recovery trend like other altcoins in the crypto market. Its bullish sentiment is getting stronger, indicating a fresh rally is imminent. With this promising outlook, investors may see an upward trend in cryptocurrency in the coming months. 

$GFOX has also continued its impressive ICO run. The presale token is headed to a new milestone, and enthusiasts are still optimistic about a good post-ICO yield. 

Cardano ($ADA) expected to rise by Double digits 

The crypto market is improving, and pundits expect price action from top altcoins, including $ADA. The cryptocurrency is testing a formidable resistance as it eyes a recovery run. Analysts from Santiment believe the shark and whale are fueling $ADA’s rally. Per reports, about 639 million new addresses holding around 100k – 100 million $ADA have surfaced in the crypto space in the last eight months. 

The revival of these wallets could push $ADA to break its $0.54 resistance zone and surge to $0.60 or higher. This will be a double-figure percentage rise for the altcoin. At press time, $ADA changed hands around $0.49, about a 2% decline from its $0.50 24-hour high. The daily trading volume gained 24%, ranking 18th, while the market cap decreased by 2% but still maintained its $17.5+ billion value. 

$ADA’s sentiment is gradually becoming bullish, and current holders may count their gains much sooner. Also, new investors may find this the best time to purchase the cryptocurrency. The positive signal from $ADA downplays the prediction that it will exit the top 10 cryptocurrencies ranking. The altcoin ranks 8th, and the imminent recovery rally could take it above this position. Hence, crypto enthusiasts should prepare to make the most of it.

$GFOX presale rallies beyond $3 million  

Investors have switched their focus to crypto ICOs, and Galaxy Fox is among their best options. The new meme coin has been incredible in its ICO phase, gaining massive attention and popularity. Galaxy Fox presale has raised over $3 million, with about 97% of its current tokens’ allocation sold out. $GFOX’s progress has convinced many that it is a top project, and early adopters are poised to gain the most from its success. 

Galaxy Fox is set to be a prominent web3 token. It will function as a utility token in the web3 space, unlocking numerous opportunities for financial improvement. This feature has increased investors’ interest in the meme coin significantly. The multifunctional meme coin will combine play-to-earn and NFTs features with its meme nature, giving it more use cases and real-life benefits. These traits will aid $ GFOX’s bid to be a top meme coin. 

Galaxy Fox presale has a 3.5 billion token allocation billed to sell out in ten stages. However, only 54+ million tokens are left, and the meme coin is still in its 7th stage. This shows $GFOX’s high adoption and how competitive the latter stage of its presale will be. The meme coin is moving towards the $4 million milestone and will smash it before its next presale phase ends. 

Savvy investors already have a stake in Galaxy Fox, positioning them for high returns. However, it’s not too late to join the presale too. The meme coin has a few stages left, and potential investors can still get their stake ahead of the expected price rise in its retail phase. Early commitment means higher potential profit. Hence, now is the next best time to get in. 

$GFOX presale’s 15% bonus

Investors can enjoy up to a 15% bonus on $GFOX’s presale with the unique promo code “SATURN15.” This gives them additional tokens to what they purchase, Increasing their holdings’ value. $GFOX’s presale price will move from $0.00198 to $0.002178 soon. Thus, investors eyeing higher purchasing power should act now. 

The market has witnessed many meme ICOs, but only a few have been successful in the retail phase. Galaxy Fox aims to be among these few, and the meme coin’s features make it achievable. $GFOX will be available on UniSwap v2. and other top CEXs post-ICO. This will increase its market prominence and exposure. It’s expected to boom at this stage. 

To learn more about $GFOX, visit Galaxy Fox Presale or join the Community.