DEAPcoin rallies ahead of Bitrue exchange listing this week

DEAPcoin rallies ahead of Bitrue exchange listing this week

By Alice Leetham - min read

The Singapore-based blockchain entertainment company DEA aims to revolutionise the gaming economy by allowing gamers to earn rewards in DEAPcoin

Bitrue announced this morning that they were expanding their range of available coins to include DEAPcoin (DEP). DEAPcoin is a proprietary utility token issued by blockchain entertainment company Digital Entertainment Asset Pte (DEA), and is distributed on their PlayMining platform, where games and digital asset transactions are linked by blockchain technology. Users can be rewarded in the cryptocurrency for consuming Manga and games, as well as using it for purchases in digital art auctions.

The Bitrue listing will be accompanied by investment opportunities and prizes to mark the launch. The exchange will offer a one time cap for DEP in their lock-up investments, where customers can earn 12% APR when they lock up their coins for 30 days. Bitrue will also be sharing 1 million DEP between all new users who sign up and deposit before November 25. In addition to this, Bitrue will be hosting a trading contest with a prize pool of 1 million DEP, which will be distributed among the top 50 users by DEP trading volume.

Today also sees the launch of the QNT/XRP trading pair on Bitrue, QNT being the native token of blockchain operating system provider Quant Network. This follows over 500 users combining forces to vote it onto the exchange.

DEA is based in Singapore and aims to revolutionise the entertainment economy by allowing users to earn money while playing games instead of paying to play them. They have so far launched a puzzle game and a trading card battle game. Bitrue already has a strong presence in some of DEA’s key regions including Taiwan and Indonesia, which DEA hopes can strengthen the DEAP Playmining economy by expanding their services to Europe — where DEA also has a strong presence.

DEAPcoin is currently available on OKEx, Bithumb, Bittrex, INDODAX and DigiFinex, and price data by CoinGecko shows that the price of DEAPcoin rose almost 8% this morning to $0.00557 following this latest announcement of support by Bitrue.

Deposits for DEP on Bitrue are already open and from November 18, DEP will be tradable with USDT. Withdrawals will be enabled 24 hours after that.