Decentraland Price Prediction: How Metacade (MCADE) Seems to Be the Biggest Star in the Metaverse for 2023

Decentraland Price Prediction: How Metacade (MCADE) Seems to Be the Biggest Star in the Metaverse for 2023

By Alice Davies - min read

The race is on to see which metaverse project is going to come out on top and see which coin will give investors the biggest return in 2023. Decentraland has had a headstart compared to others in the industry but can its MANA token stay ahead of the best newcomers in the next year? A look at big upcoming moves in this market shows that Metacade and its MCADE coin are tipped to outperform the Decentraland forecast.  

What does the MANA coin do?

To understand the Decentraland forecast for 2023, and why Metacade looks like performing more strongly, it’s important to understand what the MANA token is about. This is the native currency of the Decentraland platform and is an Ethereum-based token.

It’s used to pay for goods and services in the game, but the disappointingly low number of active users has caused the game’s progress to stall. This has played a part in the token’s poor performance in 2022, as it dropped from its peak in December 2021 of $5 to around $0.60.

What is Metacade?

The Metacade platform brings an arcade full of retro games to the metaverse, rather than focusing on a single game. In fact, the project’s end goal is to be the one-stop hub for everything related to Web3 gaming. Metacade plans to be a central node for P2E gaming.

Metacade will be focused on building a gaming community. It aims to be a place where games and designers come together to enjoy their shared passions: playing, testing, and reviewing games in a way that everyone benefits from. On top of that, Metacade will help developers make games with Metagrants (funding), community support, and a whole pool of test players. This means that users really have a say in what happens on Metacade and what its future looks like. To back this up, the project will have a DAO approach with distributed decision-making processes and will be self-regulated. 

As with Decentraland, the Metacade project has a native token, which is called MCADE in this case. However, what’s immediately obvious from a look at their white paper is that this project has an excellent tokenomics model that makes it stand out from the other metaverse projects such as Decentraland.

This is because the MCADE token is used as part of a self-sustaining ecosystem where income is generated through various means and then funnelled back to token-holders as a series of rewards. In this way, it strikes an impressive balance between acting as a gaming hub and being a smart investment opportunity.   

A look at the way that Metacade works 

The first part of the Metacade project to understand is how it generates the income that powers the economic model and provides rewards. This is done in several ways, such as through advertising revenue, job listings, and game testing. The pay-to-play arcade section is another crucial part of the model that will keep revenue rolling in.

The other element is the earning potential for those investors who purchase MCADE tokens and want to see their money grow. More tokens can be earned through methods such as prize draws, exclusive tournaments, and staking. All of this means, whether you’re a keen arcade gamer or looking for a crypto investment, that it’s worth taking a look at the Metacade white paper and at the presale of tokens.

Metacade is well-placed for a strong 2023

With the metaverse one of the biggest advances in the world of technology right now, it’s no surprise to see that people expect the Metacade project to blow others out of the water. This is because it’s a metaverse-based arcade where players can enjoy an immersive collection of games, as well as earn some extra income.

The presale of tokens has revealed how keenly awaited it is, as the 1.4 billion tokens being sold at this stage have been hugely in demand. With a small starting price of $0.008 that increases to $0.02 as the presale reaches its conclusion, getting in early to grab a slice of this new project is proving to be a popular decision.  

Is Cryptocurrency worth buying right now?

2022 has seen many cryptocurrencies lose value, not just MANA. The Decentraland forecast suggests that it could be some time before this platform starts to gain users and see its value boosted. Time will tell whether that’s enough to save it or if it will slip into obscurity once other projects overtake it with fresh ideas. 

However, this doesn’t mean that the market is to be avoided. There are still profits to be made by choosing a project like Metacade, with a tokenomics model that makes economic sense and a presale that’s getting a lot of people excited. Check out the white paper to see exactly what’s on offer.   

You can participate in the Metacade pre-sale here.