Elrond, the unique sharding protocol, is up 15% today: here’s where to buy Elrond

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Elrond, the unique sharding protocol, is up 15% today: here’s where to buy Elrond

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The live Elrond price today is $319 with a 24-hour trading volume of $406 million. Elrond is up 14.65% in the last 24 hours. If you are attracted to unique features and want to learn how and where to buy Elrond, this guide is for you.

Top places to buy Elrond now


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What is Elrond?

Elrond is a blockchain protocol that seeks to offer extremely fast transaction speeds by using sharding. The project describes itself as a technology ecosystem for the new internet, which includes fintech, decentralized finance and the Internet of Things.

Its smart contracts execution platform is reportedly capable of 15,000 transactions per second, six-second latency and a $0.001 transaction cost. The blockchain has a native token known as eGold, or EGLD, that is used for paying network fees, staking and rewarding validators. Elrond was first announced in August 2019, and its mainnet went live in July 2020.

Should I buy Elrond today?

Considering how hard it is to come up with an accurate cryptocurrency prediction, you should never take any decisions affecting your finances before an in-depth market analysis. Don’t invest more than you can afford to lose.

Elrond price prediction

Projects based on DeFi are finding great success. According to Coinpedia, Elrond might reach as much as $525 by the start of next year. As the community initiates lucrative partnerships, the price might rise to even greater heights. By the end of 2022, 1 EGLD might be worth $1,000. If it fails to perform as expected, it might drop to $500.

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