eSports gaming marketplace Moxy launches $100K “eSports for ALL” Beta Challenge

eSports gaming marketplace Moxy launches $100K “eSports for ALL” Beta Challenge

By Charles Thuo - min read
  • is a blockchain-powered eSports gaming platform.
  • Gamers will compete in eSports-style gaming during the “eSports for ALL” Beta Challenge.
  • Winners will receive rewards in cash payouts (in the USDC stablecoin), native MOXY tokens, and Moxy Collectibles.

Gamers will have the chance to compete in eSports-style gaming on Moxy after the blockchain-powered eSports platform launched its “eSports for ALL” Beta Challenge.

The Beta Challenge is an important milestone for Moxy since it will completely stress-test the various components of the platform ahead of the platform’s public launch and Token Generation Event (TGE).

Participating in the Moxy Beta Challenge

To participate, players are required to sign up, create a Moxy Club account and complete KYC. They will then receive the 1,000 MOXY testnet tokens for use in facing off with other eSports competitors.

Players can also earn a bonus of 50 MOXY tokens for every referred player who subsequently completes the signup and KYC process.

Competitor rewards

The Beta Challenge comprises four stages and competitors will seek to win against others to accrue points as they progress through the stages. At the end of the fourth stage, those at the top will be rewarded in USDC stablecoin cash payouts, native MOXY tokens, and Moxy collectibles.

The value of each prize is however yet to be revealed. The value will be revealed at the official launch of the Moxy platform. The total prize pool, however, contains $100,000 not including the Moxy collectibles and MOXY tokens.

Moxy aims to elevate this fast-growing P2E eSports gaming industry by integrating popular games to enable players to play an eSports-enabled version of their favourite releases and earn lucrative real-money prizes.