FTX to File for Bankruptcy as Metacade (MCADE) is Set to Skyrocket in Presale

FTX to File for Bankruptcy as Metacade (MCADE) is Set to Skyrocket in Presale

By Alice Davies - min read

Crypto markets were shaken to the core by the recent news that the world’s second-largest crypto exchange FTX was to file for bankruptcy in US courts. An $8 billion black hole was discovered in FTX’s balance sheet after dozens of customers withdrew their funds, and a potential takeover from arch-rival Binance fell through, leaving founder and CEO Sam Bankman-Fried no option but to apply for bankruptcy.

Despite this latest blow to hit the markets, Metacade looks set to hold its value and skyrocket during its presale.

What is Metacade?

Metacade is the first community-led gaming arcade to appear on Web 3.0. It’s a place where gaming enthusiasts can gather and hang out while playing the latest play-to-earn (P2E) titles. It plans to become the leading GameFi platform in the metaverse, offering something for investors, gamers and developers alike.

The entire ecosystem is underpinned by the MCADE coin, which can be spent, staked, and earned within the platform. As well as the P2E side of the gaming experience, users can contribute to the community in several other ways, earning rewards as they go. These include:

  • Knowledge sharing in the social space
  • Backtesting games
  • Providing feedback to developers
  • Writing game reviews
  • Regular prize draws

The overarching aim of Metacade is to produce a fully autonomous and community-owned space in which the members have complete control over platform decisions while offering one of the most in-depth range of titles in the Web 3.0 GameFi space that will keep users coming back again and again.

Why is Metacade different?

Several aspects of Metacade’s roadmap, which can be viewed on its white paper, set it apart from its GameFi competitors. The most obvious is the vast catalogue of titles that will continually evolve as developers create new titles. Unlike other gaming platforms, Metacade isn’t reliant on one or a limited number of titles to maintain members’ interests.

Metacade has not accepted funding from venture capitalists in an attempt to bring on board only those with a genuine interest in gaming. Further, the MCADE presale is open to all, so when MCADE enters the market, its community members stand to benefit the most from an upturn in value.

This not only puts the power of gaming back in the hands of those who care most about video games, but the unique and self-sufficient economy will also see MCADE tokens given back to its users through in-game rewards, competitions, prize draws, staking, and community engagement. Additional revenue will be drawn into the game through advertising, a pay-to-play arcade, and job listings. 

This community approach is at the centre of every part of Metacade’s roadmap. It’s a hub where developers can turn their ideas into reality and gain community-approved funding through Metagrants, voted for by members and distributed by the platform. In addition, those looking to build a career in the GameFi space can apply for a range of vacancies with some of the biggest Web 3.0 industry.

Why MCADE is Set to Skyrocket

Although the crash of FTX has created significant unease among investors and markets, particularly given the levels of liquidity and market cap value lost, those cryptocurrencies yet to be listed on an exchange have been insulated from the worst of the crash’s impact.

This, along with the platform’s clear potential for longevity is a rarity in the metaverse world in that it is a platform where users can accomplish many of the things they would like to do in Web 3.0. 

In addition, once the crypto presale is complete, the market cap will likely be around $28 million. This makes it far smaller than competitors, such as The Sandbox and Decentraland, which achieved peaks of more than $5 billion. This illustrates how much potential the MCADE token has to grow. 

Buy MCADE in Presale

Early investors in MCADE will end the presale, having made a return on their money if they choose to sell. During the presale’s opening round with investors able to get 125 MCADE for $1. Its nine rounds sees the value increase to a final value of 50 MCADE for each $1 invested. This already makes it an appealing prospect.

However, the rich potential of the platform and the exceptionality tightly knit thoughout its route to market gives Metacade a feeling of being undervalued – even when taking into account the market instability caused by FTX’s crash. All of this means that Metacade could well be the bargain investment of the year.

You can participate in the Metacade presale here.