Highlights May 19: Major cryptos deep in the red

Highlights May 19: Major cryptos deep in the red

By Daniela Kirova - min read
Crypto Crash represented by coins falling into flames

The crypto market as a whole is bearish with most top 100 coins in the red at the time of writing. 

Top cryptos

The crypto market was in the red this morning, with the majority of top 10 cryptos registering significant losses. Bitcoin was down around 3% at time of writing, trading below $30,000. 

Ethereum was around 4% lower, XRP was down around 5%, and Cardano registered losses of 6%. The biggest top 20 loser is Avalanche, which shed 12%.

NEAR Protocol dropped out of the top 20. Its place has been taken by UNUS SED LEO, which has registered some of the smallest losses of all top 100 coins. 1 LEO is about to break $5. 

Tron is the only gainer in the top 20. Currently ranking at #14 by market cap, it has gained 3% in the last 24 hours and is trading for 7 cents. 

Top movers

Outside the top 20, the tendency was similar, with most coins losing 3-8% of their value. Outside that range were Decentraland with -10%, The Graph with -12%, IOTA with -11%, and STEPN, Waves, and Convex Finance, each down 13%. 

Chiliz reversed yesterday’s gains, shedding 14% of its value. Kadena also lost 13%, but it’s still up 66% this week. 

The second-biggest loser is Curve DAO Token, which lost 17% today. TerraUSD dropped another 42% and is currently trading for 8 cents.  

Apart from a few stablecoins, Decred is the only top 100 gainer. It added 4% to its value today.  


The biggest winner today is a BNB Smart Chain token called Fairy Forest NFT (FFN). Fairy Forest is a project you can play on the web, from a computer, tablet or mobile, anywhere. No previous knowledge about cryptocurrencies is required. FFN is up 1,131% today.