Had you have invested $49 into Bitcoin back in 2010, you would be as rich as Lady Gaga – $275 million to be precise

Had you have invested $49 into Bitcoin back in 2010, you would be as rich as Lady Gaga – $275 million to be precise

By Benson Toti - min read
Updated 21 March 2023

Bitcoin has seen huge growth in 2017, it has made hundreds of millionaires recently and there are expectations to see further growth.

Especially with the widening acceptance across the world, including the launch of the bitcoin futures contract.

Entrepreneurial giants like Bill Gates have weighed in claiming that “bitcoin is the answer”. There are now services whereby you can trade bitcoin without actually being at your computer, there are algorithms that will do it for you!

Bitcoin code being one of those that have developed a trading system based on binary options that can profit from the price fluctuations of the bitcoin price.

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The financial world has never seen anything like bitcoin before. Not only is it becoming more valuable than whole indexes but it has begun to get the large institutions worried. The underlying technology is being developed by top banks including UBS, because they see the value of what bitcoin represents.

Bitcoin took a little bit of time to generate traction with the masses. When it was first launched by Satoshi Nakamoto, no one other than the small blockchain community had heard of bitcoin, let alone knew what it was.

Now, it is all over some of the worlds leading news publishers, Bloomberg and Reuters in the financial sector now seem to have at least one article a day on bitcoin or another cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin certainly has led the way and continues to dominate market capitalisation league table.

However, we are beginning to see lots of other cryptocurrencies come to the forefront of peoples attention. Ethereum being the one to mention, this is because 2017 has raised nearly $3.5 billion in initial coin offerings. And the ethereum platform appears to be the platform of choice for new and upcoming tech companies to launch their coin on.

So, why have these cryptocurrencies caught on so much?

There are various reason, however one of the main advantages is that it is decentralised, which means that no government, central bank or commercial bank for that matter can control it. It is controlled by a network or users, which makes the network very secure.

There have also been similarities made with gold. This is because both need mining, although in different conditions. Mining means people must work to get to the bitcoin, these people are then rewarded with bitcoin. The other similarity to gold is that there is a cap. With a limited supply, the demand will go up and ultimately followed by the price. Supply and demand will be a force on the price.

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Why are people investing in bitcoin?

The bitcoin network is secure, which is a fundamental reason lots of people are flocking to the digital currency. Once a transaction has been made, it is stored on the blockchain and this cannot be removed. Therefore if you have the transaction ID, you can check every transaction.

This blockchain is ultimately one of the biggest reasons people are buying bitcoin. This technology is revolutionary, as we highlighted many of the worlds leading banks are beginning to develop their own version. Simply put, blockchains are here to stay because their reach is huge. It is not pigeon holed to just financial systems but because it is a ledger of data, anyone who stores data can use it. From the barbers in your local town to transport companies to track each journey. The scope is huge, no wonder the price is going up to quickly!

People are making money by investing in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Ripple is another that is drawing a huge amount of attention from the public due to it partnerships with many banks. Bitcoin code now allows you to trade ripple on the platform and there are already examples of traders making thousands of pounds by diversifying from bitcoin to ripple. Both Paul and Nicole have made £5,452 and £2,754 respectively by investing in Ripple (XRP) on Bitcoin code.

Options to buy bitcoin

There are plenty of ways you can invest in bitcoin. You can buy it directly, you can buy it as a CFD or you can invest using binary options. Below is an example of a service that will help you profit from bitcoins fluctuations through binary options.

You’ve seen the price go up and people make money, how do you invest a small amount to get started?

Step One – Sign up for a free account

Click to register for a free account with Bitcon code. They are highly regarded in the industry and have endless excellent reviews.

Step Two – Deposit

Make a deposit into the account you have set up. The amount you deposit will account for how much you want to invest in bitcoin.

Step Three – Trade!

The software we used has been specifically designed to understand the price action of bitcoin. Simply click ‘Automatic Trading’ and the algorythm will do all the work for you!

Step Four – Profit

Come back to the platform at the end of your day to see how much profit the system has made for you. You do not need to watch the market non-stop to make money!

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