Over $933k Tokens Sold In Metacade’s Beta Presale, only 12% remaining before it sells out

Over $933k Tokens Sold In Metacade’s Beta Presale, only 12% remaining before it sells out

By Alice Davies - min read

Crypto investors are rushing into the Metacade beta stage presale to buy tokens at their lowest price. The world’s first play-to-earn arcade Metacade opened its presale with 1 MCADE token for $0.008. The blockchain gaming newcomer has received an electric welcome from the crypto community with over $933k worth of MCADE tokens sold in the beta stage in under 18 days

Once the beta stage closes the MCADE price will rise to $0.01 per token – a 25 percent increase. By the end of the presale, the token price will have increased by over 2.5x to $0.02 per MCADE.

As of writing, a phenomenal $933k has already been poured into the project since the Metacade presale opened. There are only 12 percent of tokens left before stage one begins, so it’s crucial to purchase MCADE tokens now before the price leaps. 

What is Metacade? 

Metacade is the next big thing in the metaverse and P2E gaming. The platform will be home to a tremendous array of arcade-style games where players can earn, compete and connect with fellow gamers. 

Metacade will also be home to the hottest gaming alpha and reviews, leaderboards of what’s trending on the platform and across the GameFi space, and a hub where users can chat in real time with like-minded gamers.  

Metacade isn’t just for hardcore gamers: the platform offers something for everyone. Investors can stake MCADE tokens to earn rewards. Entrepreneurs and developers can build games on the platform, supported by a funding initiative known as Metagrants. Job seekers can find their new roles in Web3.  

The community-driven blockchain gaming platform will take the GameFi platform by storm with its huge array of Web3-forward features that allow players to truly take control of their gaming experience, leaving traditional gaming far behind. 

The platform’s ultimate goal is to build a platform that gamers want and allow its community to shape the future of gaming and earn as they do so. Ultimately, Metacade will transition into a DAO, allowing the dedicated community to fully control and continue building the platform they love. 

How to buy $MCADE tokens 

MCADE tokens can be purchased on Metacade.co. Here are some easy steps to get your hands on your Metacade tokens before the token hits the major exchanges and the price shoots up. 


Set up a crypto wallet. Metacade is built on the Ethereum blockchain, so ensure that you have a wallet that is compatible with ETH. The wallets supported by Wallet Connect are suitable. The Metacade team recommends Metamask for a smooth buy experience. 


Get some crypto. Metacade can be purchased with ETH and USDT, so ensure you have enough of one of these currencies in your wallet before buying MCADE. 


Connect your wallet to the Metacade website and access the DEX. You’ll be given the option to swap your ETH for $MCADE. Enter the amount you’d like to purchase and click “buy”. 

Here are some further details on how to purchase $MCADE.

Metacade presale is off to a flying start 

With beta presale tokens selling fast, there’s never been a better time to get in on a phenomenal GameFi project on the ground floor. 

Find out more on Metacade.co.