Permission and Unstoppable partner to deliver multifunctional Web3 domains

Permission and Unstoppable partner to deliver multifunctional Web3 domains

By Daniela Kirova - min read

Leading Web3 permission-based ad provider and digital identity platform Unstoppable Domains announced a partnership to give users credits to buy multifunctional domains in lieu of a standard wallet address, Coin Journal learned from a press release.  

Unstoppable has 2.4m+ NFT domains 

Unstoppable Domains had more than 2.4 million registered NFT domains at the time of publication. 

It will give each Permission user a $40 credit to buy a domain that serves as a digital name and ID to send and receive crypto assets. It will replace their conventional wallet addresses. CEO Thomas Shin commented: 

Permission and Unstoppable Domains share an identical Web3 ethos of consumer data ownership and agency. This new partnership will let our Permission user base gain access to a slice of Web3, giving everyone broader scope and the freedom to partake in a variety of activities as the Web3 economy takes shape.

Your own piece of Web3 

Through the partnership, Unstoppable Domains will let users carve out a slice of Web3, not unlike having a traditional internet domain. They will be able to send and receive cryptocurrency and NFTs through their Web3 domains.

No more 30-plus wallet address characters  

Users can create personalized domains via a flexible framework much more easily now. In comparison, it was necessary to remember 30-plus characters to get access to your crypto wallet.

This creates a more straightforward onboarding experience for users looking to get into the Web3 space.

Sandy Carter, Unstoppable’s Senior VP of Business Development, said:

Unstoppable Domains exists to enable user-owned, digital identity for every person on the planet. We’re delighted to partner with Permission to give more people the power to own their data on Web3.

Active Permission users will get an email from Permission this week with a unique code, which is entered to claim a free domain on Unstoppable’s website.