Radicle is soaring today, up 44%: here’s where to buy RAD

Hottest New Crypto Listing On Major Exchanges
Hottest New Crypto Listing On Major Exchanges

Radicle is soaring today, up 44%: here’s where to buy RAD

By Daniela Kirova - min read

The live Radicle (RAD) price today is $7.29 with a 24-hour trading volume of $306.5 million. It is up 44.50% in the last 24 hours. If you are attracted to unique features and want to learn how and where to buy it, this guide is for you.

Top places to buy Radicle now


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Swapzone is a crypto exchange aggregator that operates as a gateway between the cryptocurrency community and exchange services. Swapzone aims to provide a convenient interface, safe user flow, and crystal-clear data for users to find the best exchange rates among the whole cryptocurrency market.

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What is Radicle?

It is a decentralized network for code collaboration. Its stated mission is to develop secure, resilient, sovereigh infrastructure for open-source communities that is not built on platforms, but exclusively on open protocols.

Through Radicle’s protocols, developers are able to collaborate on code without relying on middlemen.

Radicle’s peer-to-peer network is facilitated by an opt-in ETH smart contract system that allows global names, decentralized organizations, and protocols to help maintainers sustain their open-source work.

Since launching in beta, the ecosystem has seen over 1,000 projects launched on the network. These have attracted substantial interest from the collective Web3 community.

Should I buy it today?

Considering how hard it is to come up with an accurate cryptocurrency prediction, you should never take any decisions affecting your finances before an in-depth market analysis. Don’t invest more than you can afford to lose.

RAD price prediction

According to Price Prediction, the price of RAD will keep growing. In 2022, the minimum it will reach is $7.47. It looks like it’s almost there considering the current price. It can go up to $8.24.

PP forecasts it will trade for at least $11 in 2023 and at least $15.78 in 2024. It can go up to $18.82 that year. 1 Radicle will reach at least $22.65 in 2025, around three times its current price.

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