ReserveBlock’s RBX token is now live on BitMart Exchange

ReserveBlock’s RBX token is now live on BitMart Exchange

By Hassan Maishera - min read
  • RBX will be listed on the BitMart cryptocurrency exchange today, February 8th. 

  • RBX is the native token of the ReserveBlock blockchain platform. 

  • ReserveBlock will be running an AMA and competitions to celebrate the listing of its RBX token.

RBX token to list on the BitMart exchange

Blockchain platform ReserveBlock announced on Wednesday, February 8th, that its native token RBX, will be listed on the BitMart cryptocurrency exchange. In a press release shared with Coinjournal, ReserveBlock said the RBX market would open for trading on BitMart’s crypto exchange soon. 

This latest cryptocurrency news comes following recent listings on Bitrue and Deepcoin. RBX is the native token of ReserveBlock, and it secures its open-source network. Furthermore, the RBX token is used to validate the Proof of Assurance consensus on the decentralised tokenisation layer 1 protocol. 

The listing of RBX on BitMart will make the token available to a global audience while increasing access to ReserveBlock’s growing ecosystem.

To celebrate this latest development, ReserveBlock will be running an AMA, competitions, and RBX staking in conjunction with BitMart. The move would give the community an opportunity to learn more about RBX and its use cases. The community will also have the opportunity to learn how they can participate in ReserveBlocks validator governance and earn randomised block rewards.

ReserveBlock uses a Proof of Assurance consensus

The team explained that ReserveBlock uses a novel Proof of Assurance (PoA) consensus. This mechanism provides a highly decentralised, liquid, near zero-fee and low-energy solution for securing the network and verifying transactions.

The project supports features such as on-chain royalty enforcement, multi-asset NFTs, wrapping and pairing of assets, P2P media transfer, domain name service, and on-chain self-governance.

This latest news comes after ReserveBlock released its first core wallet update. The update is optional for native users but provides them with Over The Air (OTA) wallet updates, an auto snapshot importer and several other features. 

ReserveBlock is an open-source layer1 blockchain built in C#. It captures the underlying principles of Bitcoin and applies them in a lightweight consensus that enables anyone to mine coins from a personal computer while contributing to network security.