Stellar’s Prediction and Future (XLM) for 2020

Stellar’s Prediction and Future (XLM) for 2020

By Benson Toti - min read

When we talk about Stellar, we think of real-time P2P capital trades, which are primarily aimed at micro transactions and international payments. It is also an open source protocol for exchanging money via the Stellar network. XLM is a digital currency that has an interesting innovative solution with its integration into the international banking system focused on payments at both the business, and individual level. Its price of $0.059 (at the time of writing), has been one of its main attractions for investors. Although it is impossible to predict whether this price may increase or not, this article aims to provide you with leading expert views on Stellar’s Price Forecasts for 2020.

Stellar's Prediction and Future for 2020
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Stellar’s Future for 2020

The first thing we need to realize when attempting to make a prediction for XLM, is to understand how it is perceived by the larger investment community, as it is those who influence its price. There are many experts and connoisseurs who feel 100% certain that the price of Stellar Lumen (XLM) will rise for these specific reasons:

1) Launch of

Recently its founder has mentioned that the launch of promises to improve the ecosystem and increase the productivity of the Stellar Lumens network. Stellar began this project in a bid to keep the external speculators at bay that have been benefiting from cryptocurrencies. 

2) The Stellar network is now functional in the real world

McCaleb has established a working partnership with leading technology company, IBM. From this collaboration, a functional blockchain product has emerged that uses XLM as a means to connect retailers in some of the most isolated islands throughout the Pacific Ocean. IBM has created a marketplace for retail credit that operates on Stellar’s Blockchain and its XLM token is used for international transactions, accepted by over thirty financial institutions including some of the world’s largest banks.

3) Current price of Stellar Lumen (XLM)

The current price of $0.60 USD (23/01/20), below its maximum price of $0.88 would indicate that this currency may still have a way to go in the medium- and long-term future. This might be a good reason to start investing in XLM. 

4) Fast and competitively priced money transfers

Unlike Ripple, Stellar aims to work with developing markets rather than large banking corporations and other well-established financial institutions, which is why it offers money transfers at prices well below market and very quickly. The low transaction fees give it exceptional popularity. Stellar Lumens is considered the preferred choice for small businesses, non-profit organizations, small banks, and intra corporate transactions.

5) Blockchain technology developed with high level languages

Stellar runs blockchain technology programmed in high-level computer languages such as C++, Java and Python, ensuring an unparalleled ecosystem. The combination of these programming languages works wonderfully and earns Stellar the 11th place among the top cryptos in terms of market capitalisation. 

6) Stellar could buy Chain

The Stellar Foundation is considering buying Chain, a company who is building Blockchain technology for the US financial industry. It is worth mentioning that Chain has a strong backing from companies such as: Khosla Ventures, RRE Ventures, Blockchain Capital, Pantera Capital, Nasdaq, Visa, Citi Ventures, Thrive Capital, BoxGroup and Haystack. If this acquisition is successful, the owners of these companies will receive payment in XLM and may choose to hold or sell them immediately after the transaction has been audited.

Stellar’s Forecast and Future for 2020

It is almost impossible to make an exact prediction of a cryptocurrency, but if we look at the graph, we can notice a steady progress in growth. Costing no more than $ 0.45 USD at the beginning of this year could indicate a buyers’ market with price surges well on the way. Considering that cryptosystems exist in a speculative market, their value often surpasses expectations. Stellar’s characteristic of acting as an intermediary for transactions between banks and financial institutions guarantees its place in the future of digital currencies.

Expert Predictions of Stellar’s Future

The following predictions are highly speculative price forecasts, and in no way guaranteed future outcomes. You may take these predictions as educated guesses, but ultimately should make your own informed decisions. Remember, the cryptocurrency market is a volatile one, where prices can go up one minute and just as dramatically, drop the next day. So, read on and act with prudence.

The analyst Jio from jiomobilephone, is well respected in the world of cryptocurrencies and has a very optimistic opinion for Stellar. He states a prediction for April 2020 of $8.08, which he expects will continue to rise to $12.00 toward the end of the year. Jio goes a step further on his website, predicting that the XLM token will reach $50.00 by December 2021. That would be an epic scenario for investors.

The Economic Forecasting Agency has its own price prediction for 2020, which expects Stellar will see a maximum of $0.71 in 2020, which is not a far cry from where it stands at the time of writing. This is not the most conservative or pessimistic of XLM’s price predictions.

Coincheckup’s experts forecast that the currency could reach $1.10 USD, while some portals say it will grow to $3 USD by the end of 2020

Timothy Jarrard, on the other hand, makes his prediction of Stellar Lumens with its next target hitting $1.48, for a massive profit of 148%.

What do these Predictions Conclude about Stellar’s Future?

Stellar’s future pricing remains unpredictable, but it is positioning itself as an excellent network for exchanging money across borders. By implementing Lightning Network for atomic exchanges, it has managed to establish a very fast processing network. Today we have Stellar as the 11th largest currency available on the market, which is indicative of a currency that has good growth potential. 

At the time of writing, the price of $0.60 USD gives the prospect for upward movements during 2020. We must remember that its price was $0.45 USD at the beginning of this year, so the value has already experienced impressive gains over a 30-day period. If you are interested in participating in this currency, we invite you to read “How to Buy Stellar“.

The only immediate short-term concern on the horizon is that the cryptocurrency market is perceived by some, to be in a general state of decline. Many believe however, that this is the calm before the stampede of bulls and if so, Stellar would certainly be one of the altcoins to provide its investors with incredible opportunities for profit. 

Another aspect to consider is the regulations held in place by different countries and jurisdictions. Stellar has been working toward mass adoption for a long time, and its recent acceptance in the New York markets is solid progress. It means that this currency has a more secure future than many other cryptocurrency projects that wish to enter the market. The stability of its growth and development is very encouraging for investors who want to buy crypto coins.

Each investor has his or her own investment strategy and should make a detailed analysis of each move to be made. No one possesses a crystal ball to predict what will happen in the near future, but Stellar has established itself in the monetary system by maintaining the decentralization ethos of a cryptocurrency. The facility to make remittances and business payments in the financial system is also a great strength.