SubQuery announces support for the Flare Network

SubQuery announces support for the Flare Network

By Hassan Maishera - min read
  • SubQuery has integrated with the Flare Network after receiving a grant from the Flare Ecosystem Support Programme.

  • Flare Network developers will benefit from the full SubQuery experience, including the open-source SDK and more.

  • Flare Network is accommodated by SubQuery’s managed service. 

SubQuery integrates with the Flare Network

SubQuery, announced on Thursday, December 1st, that it had extended its data indexing support to Flare Network, the blockchain that aims to connect everything.

In a press release shared with Coinjournal, SubQuery said the collaboration was possible thanks to the grant it received from the Flare Ecosystem Support Programme.

Flare is a blockchain that allows dApps to serve multiple chains through a single deployment. The blockchain supports EVM-based smart contracts and has data and interoperability infrastructure built natively into the blockchain, providing dApps with highly decentralised price feeds and secure state acquisition from other blockchains. 

While commenting on this latest cryptocurrency news, Hugo Philion, Flare Co-founder & CEO, said;

“We admire SubQuery’s decentralized data indexing solutions and are excited for them to launch on Flare mainnet. This will complete another important piece of Flare’s developer engagement strategy.”

SubQuery, meanwhile, provides decentralised data indexing infrastructure to developers building applications on multiple layer-1 blockchains, including the Cosmos ecosystem, Polkadot, Algorand and Avalanche.

Flare Network developers will benefit from SubQuery’s features

The platform allows developers to organise, store, and query on-chain data for their protocols and applications. SubQuery added that it eliminates the need for custom data processing servers, helping developers focus on product development and user experience.

Marta Adamczyk, Technology Evangelist at SubQuery, also commented that 

“We’re proud to be supporting teams building on Flare Network with our fast, flexible and universal indexing solution. We are excited to deliver another integration that enables Flare developers to index their data faster and easier, and build complex dApps with the help of SubQuery.”

According to SubQuery, Flare Network developers would benefit from its full experience. Developers would have access to SubQuery’s open-source SDK, tools, documentation, developer support, and other features.

Furthermore, Flare Network is accommodated by SubQuery’s managed service, which provides enterprise-level infrastructure hosting and handles over 400 million requests daily. 

Flare is a blockchain built to connect everything. It presents developers with a simple and coherent stack for decentralised interoperability, allowing developers to serve multiple communities and ecosystems simultaneously through a single deployment.

Meanwhile, SubQuery is a blockchain developer toolkit facilitating the construction of Web3 applications of the future. A SubQuery project is a complete API to organise and query data from Layer-1 chains.